The Different Business Parcel Services for Heavy, Bulky, Long Parcels & Freight Cargo Deliveries

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Often there are times when you own a business that you have to organise for the delivery of non-standard parcels. Sending parcels which are large, long, heavy, bulky or even freight cargo can be problematic if you’re unsure where to start. Here’s a guide to the different parcel delivery services which are available for oversized parcels to help you figure out the best option for you:

Heavy and Long Parcel Delivery

Transporting heavy or long parcels can be tricky when most courier services have size and weight restrictions on their standard delivery rates. The general rule to follow when shipping heaving parcels is to use a pallet to support any items which are over 50kg in weight. Be careful of the type of pallet you use if you’re planning on shipping your items internationally as some countries have certain restrictions on the type of wood used. By using the services of a company like Parcels Please, you’ll be able to source an experienced courier who has knowledge of the best methods of shipping heavy deliveries who will be able to organise your heavy delivery for you at the best possible price.

Bulky Parcels

If you’re wanting to send a really bulky parcel there are many different ways you can send it. Firstly, whether it’s being shipped domestically or internationally hugely influences your options. A dedicated vehicle option is a great way to ship really bulky items as you get to select the perfect sized vehicle usually for the price of hiring the vehicle as opposed to the weight of the load making this more cost effective.

Parcel Freight Services

Parcel freight delivery services aren’t the most economical way to shipping but can really save time so are the best options to use for those more urgent deliveries. You can send international parcels by air freight which can be extremely costly but is often the best way to ship a parcel abroad urgently. There is also the option of road freight services and sea freight. Delivering a parcel by road freight to Europe is more economical than going by plane and is the best way to send larger container loads.

When packaging your irregular sized items always remember to include sufficient internal cushioning to protect your item from any impact it might endure during transportation and secure your package with plenty of tape to make sure there’s no risk of it falling out and breaking.

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