The Best Ways To Impress Your Clients And Keep Them Spending

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You would think that finding clients is the toughest task faced by new business owners. However, it’s often retaining them that proves to be rather difficult. Anyone can get people to buy something once, but you need your clients and customers to keep coming back for more. Indeed, over 80% of sales in an average company come from existing contacts with whom you have already built a relationship. So, it’s very important you take this job seriously.


With that in mind, the post you’re reading today will provide you with some handy tips that could make all the difference to your prosperity. You should take five minutes to read through them all carefully and take notes if it’s appropriate. While we can’t perform these duties for you, we can do our best to give you a helping hand.


Always show professionalism


Whether you’re chatting with clients over email, telephone or attending a business meeting, you need to appear as professional as possible. Consider the way in which you respond to their inquiries. Would you be happy with the same response in their position? Also, there’s a lot to be said for dressing smartly. Even if your company is young and innovative, you should always wear a shirt and tie when dealing with clients.


Ask for feedback and improve your services accordingly


By asking for feedback, you will give your clients the opportunity to tell you how they think you could improve. If you take that on board and make alterations, they will be impressed. They will also feel more comfortable spending money with your company. You don’t have to change your operations if you feel the feedback was unwarranted, but you should pay attention to everything they say with an open mind. At the end of the day, your goal is to fulfill their needs, right?


Send gifts from time to time


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on free gifts, but sending them out to your most valued clients during the holiday season or on special anniversaries is a wise move. Not only will they be impressed by your forethought, but it will also keep your brand on their mind. If you simply don’t have the budget for this, a simple eCard from the likes of eCO2 Greetings will do just as well as a physical present.


Give them your time and attention


When a client makes a complaint, it’s essential that you take it very seriously. One lost customer can soon lead to two, and that’s not a path you want to walk down. Remember, the client is always right. If you can’t satisfy them with your responses, just offer a full refund. That is the best way of making them happy and increasing the chances of them ordering in the future.
Presuming you manage to follow those simple ideas, you should notice your client base grows very quickly. Always keep alert and always consider every action you plan to make. While some clients might get on your nerves from time to time, losing them is the last thing you want.

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