The Best Cartoonists in the World

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The most creative people are those artists who express their thoughts through cartoons, while criticising different issues of their societies at the same time. It is not impossible for us to portray our opinions in various ways but the way cartoonists do it, is simply stunning. As a matter of fact, some cartoonists exploit the most sensitive issues using their pencils while others do it solely for entertainment. Let’s honour the work of these creative geniuses by getting to know them!

A.F. Branco

A.F. Branco or Antonio F. Branco is one of the most influential cartoonist in United States. His creative cartoons about politics are really eye-catching and this is why he has gained international fame and a number of fans have even started to follow him. All over the world, people appreciate his humorous satire and images, which speak a thousand words. Many of Branco’s works were featured on worldwide sites like Legal Insurrection, Net Right Daily and Conservative Chronicle.

David Pope

Residing in Canberra, Australia, David Pope is a known political cartoonist and illustrator. He began to draw in the mid-1980s as a freelancer before joining The Canberra Times in 2008 as a cartoonist staff. Ever since, his work of arts has appeared in famous journals like The Republican, The New Doctor, Hard Hat, Common Cause and The Northern Rivers Echo. Unlike other cartoonists, Pope uses a computer screen to draw, and not a pencil and paper.  Likewise, the successful graphic design team of Kitty Bingo makes use of the top software to create the best games. On this top bingo site, you will see top notch designs and layouts. And while you play the best bingo games in the many rooms, you can admire the originality of these less-know creative artists.

Matt Bors

Matt Bors is a popular American editor and political cartoonist who reside in Portland, Oregon. He also happens to be the founder of the well-known comic site, The Nib. Despite having his own platform, his works have been featured in many magazines, newspapers and on websites like Daily Kos, Portland Mercury and The Sacramento Bee. Even famous sites like The Guardian, CNN and The Nation have shared his cartoons.

Paul Zanetti

Australian cartoonist and blogger, Paul Zanetti has his own blog site. His top cartoons have appeared online numerous times and in well-known newspapers. This artist was first frustrated because he had to limit his cartoons to small spaces, which is why he started blogging on Facebook. He then got The Pickering Post to publish his pieces and that is how he reached over millions of readers worldwide. The blogger still makes use of his blogs as it lets his fans share their opinions and voice out their frustrations.

Satish Acharya

Living in Kundapura, India, Satish Acharya is a self-taught artist. This self-starter cartoonist believes that there’s no need to study cartoons to be able to draw. As a matter of fact, he left his MBA job just to follow his passion for cartoons. Acharya has his own blog and uses his Facebook page to communicate to his readers. He makes use of the comments, ideas and thoughts of his readers to create cartoons. He also helps cartoon-enthusiasts by sharing advices.


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