The Basics of Pick and Pack

Pick and pack is one of the processes in supply chain management that is frequently used in retail distribution of products.  This is an order selection job in which you generally pick the items ordered and pack them for shipment to customers.


Pick and pack is a warehouse work.  “Pick” simply means that you go through the rack or shelves in the warehouse and pick the goods that are being ordered.  Warehouses usually arranged their shelves systematically for easy picking of goods.  “Pack” is when the goods are being packed after it was being picked.  They can be packed into cartons, containers or placed on pallets.  Packing sometimes includes working with transportation papers like cart-notes.

Some warehouses use traditional pick and pack method which has been inconsistent and unreliable while most of the warehouses today, now use a systematic and automated method.  The system determine the locations of all the products ordered, and help plan the picker’s path between these locations thus minimizing time and distance.  Item-level barcode scanning are also being used for each item before packing to ensure accuracy of items to be shipped.  When warehouses and 3PLs use traditional pick and pack method or outdated technologies, proficiency and efficiency are limited and room for errors are high.  These results in high occurrence of inaccurate orders being shipped which makes customers unsatisfied and high cost of reverse logistics.

Using a third party logistics service provider or 3PL to provide pick and pack services and warehousing gives significant advantages to a business.

  1.  Business owner can focus on other important aspect of their business because he/she don’t have to handle the important details of inventory and fulfillment.  Using sophisticated and high end inventory management software, a company like National Products Fulfilment, can manage your stock inventory and guarantee prompt and accurate delivery to your clients.
  2.  Business will have the advantage of getting a dedicated, well experienced, and experts in warehousing and fulfillment industry.  A third party logistics partner simply provides a more advanced level of service at a lower cost compared to in-house warehousing.
  3. Will help ensure that your customers receive their orders in perfect condition and on time.

Choosing a responsible third party logistics service provider can be one of the most significant business decisions a company can make. For the best and reliable Pick and Pack provider Australia, check

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