Tech Use for Small Businesses in 2016

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Visibly using tech in your business is a great tool not only for keeping up appearances as a current and on-the-ball Company, it’s a highly important way of keeping abreast of customer expectations in light of large tech giants raising consumer expectations.


Tablets and Mobile in the Workplace

Previously seen as unprofessional for use in the presence of customers, mobile phones are more commonly being used as methods of payment for restaurant bills and retail receipts: ‘e-invoicing’. Retailers have got on board with the concept of never being without a mobile phone. Apple are the pioneers of this method, but other retailers and the restaurant business are cottoning on and deciding jump on the bandwagon with phone and tablet use on the sales floor, with contactless technology like Apple Pay being available in over 250,000 shops.

Streamlined Payment

Tablets and phones coupled with the contactless card terminals are responsible for smoother transactions. As well as eradicating the need for cash or a paper receipt this method at once makes it easier for customers to pay and retain proof of purchase on their email account. limiting waste and making payment easier.

Cloud Storage Services

Cloud services have been with us for a long while in one incarnation or another, but they’ve finally taken over as the alternative to old-fashioned hard-drive based storage systems which are often delicate and bulky. Below are the pros and cons of using storage for business purposes:


  • Saves space on local drives
  • Provides easy authorised access to frequently used data
  • Large storage capacity: large volumes of storage are virtual rather than physical with cloud software so are subject to the limitations of office space.
  • Ability to access on multiple devices and from anywhere with connectivity
  • Data is more difficult to infiltrate by malicious sources due to encryption


  • Safety of data is subject to the security of the cloud host site
  • Dependent on a network connection
  • Data ownership can be problematic
  • Costs can be an issue for small businesses in the short term

Find more info about cloud services here.

Obviously, with the processing power of a tablet or a smartphone, card payment isn’t their only advantage, but certainly with retail as an example, this technology has changed the way we shop for good. Similarly, the way businesses store their information has moved firmly into the paperless realm; a virtualisation of the office filing cabinet makes for easy information procurement and audit as well as easy sharing.

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