Social Media For Professional Networking

Developing countries in Asia support emerging markets in manufacturing and energy. Asian businessmen in their respective countries try to build impressive enterprises that provide a boost to local economies. A country such as Indonesia holds tremendous potential for economic growth because of natural resources such as trees. Some of this nation’s wealthiest investors have seized the opportunity that is available in forestry. In fact, Indonesia now has a multi-billion dollar industry in plywood manufacturing. Additionally, local species of trees are used to supply the materials for paper production. Mills, factories and other production plants are built thanks to investments from Indonesian entrepreneurs who believe in the potential of their own countries.


Asian moguls are not shy about revealing their success on regional and international scales. The public is well aware of the net worth of some of the richest business people in the Far East part of the world. Businessmen like Sukanto Tanoto and other Indonesian investors are examples of wealthy executives who use social media for professional networking. Online platforms can be used to promote the success of self-made millionaires and billionaires of Asia who have inspirational stories. Professional network pages are not just used to brag about success. Data are presented about the widespread economic impact that major corporations have. For example, a CEO in Asia can reveal the number of jobs that his or her company supports. Local investors in Asia also help to strengthen economies that are often hurt by cheap labor that’s hired by foreign companies. Manufacturing firms in Indonesia strive to provide fair salaries to local workers who are less well compensated by Western corporations.


Social media is also a powerful platform for business people to discuss philanthropy. Wealthy moguls take pride in supporting charitable causes like education. In a developing nation like Indonesia, there is a desperate need for funding. The federal government in this country has budget problems that create obstacles for students to obtain a proper education. Philanthropists often try to promote education at all levels, including primary and secondary. Business people in developing nations know that many poor people lack proper access to basic education. Child labor and dropout rates often go hand in hand in third world countries.


Powerful investors in Asia encourage the lower and middle class to seek higher education. Scholarships and other foundations are set up in order to send the brightest students to study abroad regardless of the ability to pay for tuition. Each year, Asian executives might donate millions of dollars for educational causes. Students who receive the grants and scholarships are usually guaranteed internships at companies owned by the business people who sponsor the charities.


High-level executives might be too busy to manage their professional social network pages. Such prominent individuals often hire PR staff that handles all aspects of social media and the traditional press. Nevertheless, billionaire executives might still respond promptly to certain messages that are delivered via social network pages. Additionally, official statements and press releases from a company’s CEO might be posted on social media profiles. Ordinary individuals are encouraged to follow a company’s social network pages in order to stay connected. Such online outlets deliver reliable information.

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