Smarter Techniques For Online Communications

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Using the internet for communications is simply a wise idea. With VoIP technology, you no longer need old school phone lines at home or in the office. And, this also allows you to grab your messages from any computer, anywhere. With the simple download of an app, calls can even be transferred to your smartphone.

Aside from that, even communicating in writing has become as easy as hitting a send button. No more waiting a week for something to travel via snail mail. Now you get instant gratification when it comes to communications. Here are a few smart things you should be doing when it comes to your online communications.

Troubleshooting Conferencing

Whether you’re running a business or trying to find a job, it’s likely if you’re working online doing anything business related, sooner or later you’re going to end up in a conference call. Maybe it’s a video call, maybe not, but either way, you can experience issues. Maybe the video isn’t working, maybe someone keeps getting dropped from the call, or maybe some people just aren’t able to get through.

Sometimes you just don’t have time for a tech support person to walk you through your issues, so do a little quick research on your own to try to troubleshoot any conference issues you’re having. And, to be kind to the other people on the call, see if you can postpone the meeting for a few hours or even a day. This way people can get back on with their day while you work out the glitches.

Using Email Etiquette

Email can be another place where people need to work at being more kind. You need to remember that attitudes don’t come off well in the written word, and when you’re meaning to sound polite the person on the other end could be reading what you wrote with a tone of contempt or else wise.

Don’t use emojis to try to make your messages come out more positive. It just looks like a pre-teen is sending your business emails for you, and comes off less than professional. Instead, just work on better wording and read your emails out loud before you hit send.

Is Facebook A Valid Direct Communication Tool

Facebook and other social media sites can be an advertising haven to businesses. These days, many businesses are opting to even forego the traditional website and using Facebook as their main marketing tool and web page. So, should Facebook messenger be used for business communications?

Yes, it should, but only when you’re messaging directly from your business page. Don’t use your personal account for business outreach unless you’re sure that everything that shows up on your personal Facebook page is putting you in a good light. If you want to keep it professional, only use the messenger attached to your business page.

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