Smart Windows: The New Business’ Best Friend

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In the age of technology, it would be fair to say that most businesses are investing anything with the term “smart” before it. It apparently makes our lives easier, whether this is in relation to our emails being taken on the road, or anything else that relies on technology to make our dealings much more efficient.

Something which hasn’t really caught onto the “smart” era is windows. Therefore, we’re about to start a phenomenon – from now on, look out of your latest “smart” device – your office’s windows.

Before you start scratching your head and clicking the back button, there is plenty of logic behind our apparent madness. Windows are vastly underrated, but when it comes to commercial buildings (or even home offices), the savings from these seemingly basic openings can be huge.

Let’s start with heating bills. Now we’re in the midst of winter, there’s a big chance that your employees will settle for nothing less than the heating being left on full power. Anything less and there will be mutterings of discontent in the office and ultimately, productivity will fall.

While we haven’t quite fathomed out a way to put a stop to heating bills altogether, the blinds industry is at least helping to slash these bills. Blackout blinds have always had the ability to insulate a room, but over recent time even more advanced offerings have hit the market which can perform an even more impressive job. What we’re talking about here is insulated shades and if your office’s heating bills are causing a big indent in your balance sheets, these could be the items for you. They are based on a honeycomb shape and effectively lock the majority of heat into a room so nothing escapes.
It’s not all about keeping costs down – there are further ways to enhance your office’s productivity. Again, now we’re in the middle of winter, this next problem will probably be empathized with by a lot of readers. The sun has that irritating habit of dropping very low through certain portions of the day and ultimately, when the windows are left uncovered, this light is left to glare onto our computer screens. It makes them impossible to use and in the end, just makes our eyes strain.

This is another instance where the blinds industry has acted accordingly. They have released solar shades, which are able to block out around 70% of UV rays, whilst still allowing some natural light into the office. In other words, employees are kept happy as they don’t have to look at synthetic light fittings all day, while their screens are kept glare-free in the process.

The list could go on – but already you’re starting to see just how windows really can be used “smartly” to both save money and improve the efficiency of your office. If you really want to invest in this area you can actually add the technological meaning of “smart” to them, with motorized blinds currently the big thing in fashion. However, for most small businesses, the above suggestions will suffice.


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