Search engine marketing and a few vital things that you need to understand

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In the world of search engine marketing, there is a lot of misinformation spreading around and very soon people start believing in whatever they hear as they lack knowledge on the facts. Majority of the things that you think you know about search engine optimization might have been correct a few years ago but they’re no more valid. As we know that SEO has taken over a huge part of search engines and hence unless you differentiate between the myths and facts related to search engine marketing, how are you supposed to take the right steps? You’re bound to know the myths so that you get informed about the facts. Read on to know about some search engine marketing myths and facts.

Myth #1: Meta-tag descriptions boost your search engine ranking

Fact: Well, this is a thing of past. Not anymore do meta-tag descriptions help you in boosting your search engine ranking. Meta-tags are no longer indexed by Bing or Google but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore them altogether. Your meta-tags form the text which is displayed with the link in the search engine results and the more interesting this description is, the more will the users be compelled to click on the listing. The meta-tag description is all that you can see written just below the link.

Myth #2: Page Rank is still very important

Fact: Google’s Page Rank which was named after the co-founder of Google, CEO Larry Page, is a 1-10 ranking of the total authority of the website. The bigger is this number, the higher will be the rank of the website. In the past few years the all-powerful number took a very important place amongst the SEO experts. But nowadays with the change in Google’s algorithm, there is no such single indicator. Although there is still existence of this Page Rank, if each and everything is equal, it is not as important as it was before.

Myth #3: It is better with more inbound links

Fact: This is yet another myth. In the recent updates to the algorithm changes, Google has made it important to give more priority to quality than quantity. Gone are those days when there were thousands of low quality links which drove up search engine rankings. In fact now if you include such links, the website will be considered as spammy and will be penalized. You should focus on getting links from sites which are relevant to the theme of your site.

Myth #4: Google wants keyword-rich domains

Fact: In the last few years, Google had given a disproportionate emphasis on those domains which are rich in keywords. But this is not anymore the case with Google. It is only if you have keywords which relate to authority sites relevantly that you can be noticed by such search engine giants.

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