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No matter if you just opened a fairly new email account or if you have had the same one for over a decade, you probably receive your fair share of spam. Some of the spam is pretty harmless with companies asking you to buy certain products from them. But other spam emails can be quite dangerous when clicking on the wrong thing can lead to your whole computer being hacked into. My sister once was nailed by one that said she had $500 waiting for her in her PayPal account and that she should click on the link to have it deposited into her bank account. She used PayPal frequently, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The next thing she knew was her bank account was missing a few hundred dollars a couple days later.


We can enter into our email settings and perhaps reduce the amount of spam we receive daily by clicking on better security options. Still there are ones that sneak by the email account police and can really inconvenience us by clogging up our email. I’m not sure about you, but I still get an email a week from some Nigerian prince stating that I am a multi-millionaire if only I would send him a document allowing him access to my bank accounts. Every week I think it sounds like a fair trade off, but then I smarten up a bit. How many of these princes are there running around in Nigeria? And why are they all sharing my email address with each other?


These spammers often prey upon our weakest emotions. Our greed opens many doors for spammers. “There is free money waiting for us and we don’t have to do anything but reply back with some information? Score!” They may also use our kindness against us by posing as a charity and asking for donations. There has to be a special place in hell for these people.


These spammers are quite clever for the most part. (Except when it comes to using proper english. Their phrasing usually sounds extremely weird.) There are many ways available to them for acquiring our email addresses. They basically scan the web and use tools to harvest email addresses. If that doesn’t work, they spam our friends and trick them into providing their contact list. And if even that doesn’t work, they buy thousands of email addresses from certain companies.


Taking the time to click on these emails and reading them can be a huge waste of our most valuable resource. However, now you can be optimizing your time thanks to a cloud-based email spam filter. With these filtering solutions applied to your current email account, they will use a set of protocols to quickly determine which of your incoming messages are indeed spam. Most of the time this can be determined through their wording or what is written in the subject line.
A good spam filter program will detect unsolicited and unwanted emails from entering into your inbox. Many of us have automatic junk filters attached to our email accounts, but usually this singles out emails with graphics and often pictures. But I would say about five percent of my emails in my junk folder are not actually spam or junk. They are real emails from people I know. And if a friend corners you later on asking why you ignored their email, most of the time they won’t believe you when you tell them it went straight into your junk folder. A good spam filter program will eliminate this problem and those awkward conversations!




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