Prospect to Close: Selling in a Digital Age

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The sales experience has changed dramatically over the last decade. Today, many clients view presentations online using screen-share technology. This transition away from in-person appointments has actually improved sales performance. However, it also requires salespeople to adapt. The following are some tips to help you sell more effectively during every stage of the selling process – from prospecting to closing the sale.


Preparation is Key


A lot of salespeople could get away with very little preparation when they presented in person. This rarely works in the digital era. Instead, it is important to review the client you are presenting to and tailor your presentation to target his or her needs. Clearslide UK has a lot of useful information about the sales engagement process as well.


Use the Right Tool


Since your presentation will be online, it is important to use a good screen-sharing tool. There is nothing worse than technical difficulties. If these technical difficulties last too long, you can easily loose the attention of a potential customer. Fortunately, there are a lot of reliable software options available.


Keep Your Prospect Engaged


It is crucial to keep your prospect engaged during a presentation. This time is an easy excuse for anyone to check email – especially if the screen-share is boring. Be honest – you’ve probably done it. You don’t want to give potential customers an excuse to do it too.


In order to keep their attention, try to ask questions. Open-ended questions typically generate better answers and keep people engaged. If customers provide you with good answers, then you know that you are keeping their attention. However, if they have one-word answers or mutters, then you might be struggling to hold their attention.


Use the Mouse


The mouse is a great tool to use during online presentations. While your prospects are looking at the screen, you can use the mouse to direct their attention to things you want them to look at. In most cases, people follow the mouse and will stay connected.


Show Your Website


Many salespeople direct customers to a website to purchase a product. It is important that customers are familiar with this site and they that know how to navigate it. During the presentation, show a few slides of the website. If you feel that your website does not have relevant content for a presentation, then it might be time for an update. In today’s world, websites need to be viewable by everyone for them to be functional.


Be confident during the selling process as you implement these suggestions. You will be amazed at the success you can find as you find your place in the digital selling world.


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