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At the end of 2013 it was reported by Comscore that there were over 31 million Facebook users in the UK alone. It’s these kinds of statistics that fuel UK businesses to embark upon reaching out to and instantly connecting with their target audience through Facebook. Swell Reptiles are a perfect example, demonstrating how a Facebook page can help propel a business and generate a pet-loving community all in one!

A large majority of businesses do not take full advantage of the picture space provided to decorate the company page. The Swell Reptiles Facebook page immediately catches your eye with their powerful and beautifully lifelike cover photo. Their white and green logo, and a simple and crisp design also command user attention. The interaction across the page, a selection of likes, comments and reviews, helps balance the business profile, immediately highlighting to a visitor that the company is an active, responsive and well-liked member of the Facebook community.

It can be difficult to share the right content with your audience across any social platform. When using Facebook, there is a fine line between overly saturating your customers’ news feeds and barely posting any useful content – effectively boring your audience. Swell Reptiles have perfected the balance, alternating between images, competitions, offers and advice related posts.

With changing feed algorithms targeting spammy content and over selling of products, it is important to respect guidelines by sharing relevant and non-repetitive content – and ideally lots of images. The more relevant the content you share is, the higher the chance your post will reach relevant people! The Swell Reptiles page fully embraces these guidelines and connects on a personal level with current customers, sharing their homemade videos and photographs, effectively building a little community of their very own. Swell Reptiles constantly keep their audience updated, from opening and closing times to Eggcellent Easter prizes and new stock; they thoroughly understand that staying at the forefront of any consumer’s mind is of utmost importance to generate new custom and leads.

With three out of four consumers now consulting social media before buying (Digital Marketing Magazine, 2015), this helps highlight the large impact being social can have on your B2C or B2B business. Plus, a strong social media presence like Swell Reptiles’ also improves search engine rankings.

Having built such an active community, the Swell Reptiles Facebook page has become a great resource for any current or potential customer to interact instantly with the caring and lively business. With knowledgeable staff coupled with fun competitions and sale offers left, right and centre, why wouldn’t you pay Swell Reptiles a visit?

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