Not So Obvious Benefits of Online Meetings to Your Business

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Video conferencing have revolutionized the way businesses approach meetings. Instead of meeting up at a specific place and time for discuss business matters, employees can now conduct meetings wherever they are, among other benefits.


While the advantages of online meetings have been discussed aplenty, there are other benefits that video conferencing brings to the table. If you’re still not sold with using online meetings to your business, consider the other factors below.

Increased opportunity for participation among attendees

When running a video conference, you can encourage attendees to participate more by having them type in or speak out their questions, comments, and suggestions.


If there’s anything that the attendees missed out or didn’t quite understand during the meeting, you can give them the floor by running a moderated Q&A with them. This way, any misunderstanding and confusion about your presentation can be cleared up through a Q&A session before the meeting ends.


Also, some of the attendees may also be too timid to react and give their answers in a face to face meeting. Through video conferencing, they can type in or speak out their answers without people interrupting and ruining their train of thought.


It’s been proven that video conferencing allows people to forego travel time and the travel expenses in order to conduct a meeting. This not only lets you save time and money, but also brings you more comfort since you can set up the meeting by simply turning on your desktop or laptop to operate you’re a video client at your own home.


However, online meetings are efficient for another reason. Instead of printing out files and documents required for the meeting, you can simply email them the files so they can read it in advance and refer to it on their devices during the meeting. This way, you don’t have to waste your paper and other resources to meet up online.

Ability to hold private discussion

Having a private chat feature during online meetings is advantageous to attendees. Instead of flooding the main chat conversation with messages that may be unimportant and unrelated to the meeting, attendees can chat amongst themselves to make sure they are all on the same page about the meeting. This is important if you have held all questions after your presentation so attendees can have a consensus on which questions to ask.

No need for a transcriber or someone who will record the meeting

The issue that most face to face meetings have to bear with is the minutes. While you can record the audio of the meeting using your phone or another device or get someone to transcribe its main points, there may still be certain parts of the meeting that you cannot fully capture.


Through the auto-record and the chat transcript feature from your online meeting client made available to the attendees after chat, you can ensure that everything that was said and done is automatically recorded. You can go back to it and run through the chat if you want to clarify things that have been said.

Ability to use your phone to run meetings

Online meetings are undergoing a transition from desktop to mobile, especially considering that 50% of all online meetings will be answered using a smartphone or tablet. This is crucial as part of your effort to turn your business much more efficient across all communications.


Modern video conferencing software have enabled the “mobile feature”, this provides you and your employees more flexibility with conducting your meetings from anywhere. This feature will become much more prominent especially once mobile technology improves even more.

Turn attendees into leads

With the ability to turn online meetings into webinars, you can help increase brand awareness by getting people to join your online meetings for a product or service training. More importantly, you can draw the interest of potential clients and customers to sign up for your webinar and lay witness to your exclusive presentation along with other attendees.


Once they signed up, the online meeting client stores all the information they filled out in the form, from their email address, location, and others. If you are running an email marketing campaign, you can input their information into your mailing list so they will receive promotional emails from you, thus incorporating them down your sales funnel.

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