Natural Gas Powered Generators Allow You to Have Electricity and Protect the Planet

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A lot of people want to have a generator at home in order to help in case there is some sort of power outage. However, we are also becoming far more environmentally conscious and hence try to avoid the old fashioned diesel powered generators. A great alternative is found in natural gas powered generators, which are the least polluting of all. This is because the gas they use has a very low carbon footprint, meaning that the emissions of polluting materials can be reduced by as much as 30% compared to other gases.

The Green Agenda

We all have to make efforts to curb our greenhouse emissions. This is why we are trying to purchase hybrid cars, and why we should choose gas power generators as well. Power outages are almost impossible to avoid, but sitting in the dark is totally avoidable. In areas where people experience power outages quite frequently, having a generator is sometimes vital. Without power, your home is more uncomfortable, but you can also destroy perishable items, such as those in your fridge and freezer. Additionally, if you live in an area where it is very hot during summer, you will notice that power outages are more common because people use more electricity than the grid can cope with. When this happens, if you don’t have a generator, you will be left feeling really hot and uncomfortable. At the same time, however, you don’t want to damage the environment.

With a power generator, you are able to have a temporary power supply and remain cool and fresh until power has been restored. By choosing a natural gas generator, you also make sure that the planet remains comfortable and can sustain future generations.

Natural Gas or Propane

You will need to purchase canisters of natural gas. You must be very careful to not accidentally purchase propane, however. Although propane can also be used in generators, it is not green. Additionally, your specific generator may not be able to operate on it, particularly if you have already used natural gas in the system.

There is no real clarity on whether propane or natural gas is safer. Both are highly flammable and could hence cause significant damage. Although natural gas is better for the environment, propane is cheaper, which is why it remains more popular.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to interchange between the two. If you were to mix just the smallest bit up, the generator could break beyond repair and you could injure yourself as well. Do also be aware of the fact that the gas canisters are likely to contain methane. Methane is actually odorless after petroleum is produced, but a foul odor is added so that people know when there is a leak, which can have deadly results.

Make sure you are prepared for a power outage. Ensure you have enough gas available for your generator and that the canister hasn’t leaked and you should be fine.


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