Marketing Apps Every Small Business Should Use

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Marketing for businesses used to be so cut and dry. Put out some coupons, place an ad in the newspaper and if you’ve got the means to do it, put a commercial on television for the entire world to see. But the Internet has changed the way marketing is done for businesses of all sizes and unfortunately small businesses have gotten left behind on this wild ride. But companies like Mobi-data have helped to level the playing field. With service from 99p/GB, accessing the marketplace of apps to help you grow your business has never been easier. You can use their mobile broadband service to get access to your apps whenever you need it, allowing you to utilize everything your phone has to offer. Money is no longer an issue to get your small business the marketing presence that it needs and here are a couple of applications that can help you do just that.

  • MailChimp – Never underestimate the power of a good subscription list. Take advantage of the customers you already have by keeping them in the loop with important news and updates. Rather than using a system like Google to send out emails to your current and prospective customers, use MailChimp which allows you to create more professional looking emails quickly and easily. This subscription service is also free up to a fairly large amount of recipients which makes it a cost-effective option for smaller businesses.
  • FourSquare –  FourSquare is an incredibly useful tool for small businesses as it allows customers to connect on multiple levels. Promote your business by encouraging customers to “check-in” at your place of business and even encourage them to share their experiences with reviews. Use this information to improve your service or even set up rewards or promotions for customers that check in repeatedly or at certain times. It doesn’t need to be much to reward your customers for choosing your business, and they’ll certainly appreciate the time you take to let them know they’re valued.
  • HubSpot – HubSpot is probably one of the easiest, most user-friendly marketing apps on the market. It easily tracks your online presence, monitoring the leads you’ve generated over any given period of time, better understand what’s working for your social media accounts and even manage your updates so you can post to your accounts while on the go. All of this can be extremely handy if you’re a person who’s always going. Not to mention HubSpot has plenty of free ebooks to download to teach you a thing or two about marketing, whether your business is just getting off the ground or is looking to expand. Check in daily to get a better idea of how your business is doing in the Internet realm.

Marketing for small businesses doesn’t have to be complicated when there are so many tools at the ready for business owners to use. Take advantage of the apps that are out there, especially the ones that are free! And don’t forget to check out all of the resources available for download that you can read right from the palm of your hand. Your morning commute to work could be a lot more productive with the right apps on your phone.

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