Jerome Karam Is Shaking Up The Real Estate Industry In Texas And Louisiana

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Jerome Karam attended the Louisiana State University for his undergraduate studies. After that, he proceeded to Texas Southern University in May 1990 for his Juris Doctor Degree. Jerome then established his private practice in business litigation and personal injury law. Karam has assisted more than one thousand clients in the two areas of law practice within a decade. The attorney was based in Friendswood, Texas. He was a well-established and known lawyer, based on his excellent representation skills, which made him accomplish a lot within only ten years.


After working as an attorney for some years, Jerome decided to pursue his lifelong passion and interest in the real estate development sector. As such, he focused exclusively on his new endeavor. Surprisingly, Karam has achieved several significant things more than two decades after the former attorney made this fateful decision of venturing into the real estate industry. Jerome has purchased, renovated and made profits from selling real estate properties. He has constructed more than 12 holdings in Louisiana and Texas since establishing JMK5 Holdings. The former Friendswood lawyer turned real estate developer has recently gone back to his hometown in Louisiana to venture into real estate projects involving commercial building and several apartments.


Unique brand

The net worth of Jerome Karam has been rising in the recent past as a result of his unique brand in the real estate sector. He uses his knowledge in the real estate market to design and develop approaches that have a guarantee of producing excellent results. One of the things that Jerome is well-known for is involving the society in his projects. Karam gives the community incentives that allow him to showcase the unique value of the projects he invests into potential clients. Additionally, Jerome collaborates with other private investors to overcome the financial obstacles set by local banks.


Knowledge and hard work

Having worked as an attorney for over a decade, Karam acquired knowledge on the behavior of the real estate market and how the sector works. It has been instrumental in his success in the real estate industry. Additionally, his family and that of his wife have roots in the industry, which has significantly assisted him in getting a lot of information that he uses to learn about the real estate market. Notably, since establishing his real estate firm in 2000, Jerome Karam has converted 12 locations from apartments to condominiums. Also, Jerome Karam has, since starting his firm, re-developed more than eight retail stores.


Renovating old buildings

Besides changing old estates into thriving commercial areas, the founder of JMK5 Holdings has breathed new life in locations that had been severely affected by hurricanes and floods. One of his renovations that have caught the attention of many people and added fresh zest into the residents of Galveston district is the renovation of Falstaff brewery building. Jeff Sjostrom, the president of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, recognized the efforts of Jerome Karam in making the area better than before. Jeff further noted that Galveston residents could look forward to additional and exciting developments in the place. Karam, through JMK5, has also changed the Lester Davidson building into five townhomes. It took the company one and a half years to reconstruct the five townhouses, which come with their garages.


Currently, JMK5 is eagerly looking forward to the grand opening of the old JC Penny storage building. JMK5 is reconstructing the former JC Penney storage building into more than 600 units of indoor climate controlled storage. Jerome Karam notes that the new storage building is one of the several envisions for the Texas state. The company intends to reconstruct the old Mall of Mainland in Texas City.


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