Is WordPress the Best Platform for a Small Business Website?

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With the growth of the internet as the dominant marketplace for small businesses which have been forced off the high street by high business rates, low footfall and the growth of the ‘hypermarket’ supermarkets, it is essential for any small business to have an effective, user-friendly website. In hand with this has been the development of hosting websites which provide a simple platform for business to establish a presence online. WordPress has become one of, if not the, market leader in the industry, but is it necessarily the best?


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The Growth of WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly a long established server which recently passed over a decade in online presence and has been a useful tool for many businesses. It prides itself on ‘simplicity’ and functionality, and happily claims to be the host for many large companies. This number of large companies using the service is undeniable, and to deny this would be illogical. But does this impressive list of clients correlate into small business success?

Critique of WordPress

The mere fact that it plays host to so many large companies undoubtedly creates large revenue for WordPress, again something which cannot be denied. But it is the nature of these businesses that present one fundamental question, with a reliance upon the revenue generated from these large firms is WordPress a reliable tool for small business owners? It is important to remember also that with this impressive looking list of large money making organizations that WordPress is in a much stronger position than smaller, potentially more user-friendly websites, to flood the market with advertising and appear at the top of every search engine enquiry. It is important to look at the alternatives, as it is with any business venture even a small online business.

Why WordPress May Still Be Best

Despite all this, there is a reason WordPress has been so successful and has such a large share of the market. It offers a simple, effective and proven style for establishing a presence online, which is the fundamental part of any small online venture being successful. The tried and tested format provides scope for growth, personalization and round the clock customer support, which is again important to any small business. Knowing that the WordPress platform is managed by experts who can provide support in development and help when problems occur, even to the smallest client, is something which is a key reason for the market position is had developed.

With this in mind, WordPress has market dominance for a reason, and a service hosting fourteen percent of the most visited websites online is obviously in this position for a reason. To make things even simpler for you to design and make your own website there are businesses which specialize in helping you, the small business owner, ensure that you are taking full advantage of WordPress’ functions and capability. Whilst, like all businesses, WordPress has its downfalls there are clearly reasons it dominates the market.

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