Injured Yourself at Work? Here’s What To Do Next

While there have been great improvements in workplace health and safety regulations in the past two decades, the sad fact is that many people are still injured on the job every year. If the unthinkable happens to you, it is important you follow these simple tips to insure you receive the proper compensation and the support you will need to recover from your injury.

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Your safety comes first

If you are injured at work your first concern should be your personal safety and not risking further injury or death. If you suffer a severe injury, do not move and wait for an ambulance to arrive and treat you. If the injury is not critical, and you are able, go directly to a hospital or doctor to receive the appropriate care and advice.

Notify your employer

It is critical that you immediately officially notify your employer that you were injured at work, and follow the procedures to file a compensation claim. If you fail to notify your employer in a timely fashion it may hinder your chances of making a successful claim and leave you out of pocket for medical expenses, surgery and other related costs. You need to make sure that you file all the appropriate forms in order to have your claim processed.

Know your rights

If you are injured at work you are entitles to fair compensation, including covering the cost of your medical treatment, and getting paid a percentage of your usual wage or salary while you are recovering and cannot work. Most modern workers compensation schemes aim to get you back at work as soon as possible after an injury and while this if often a good goal, you must consult with your doctor and lawyer to ensure the best outcome for you particular case.

Don’t give up if your claim is rejected

Even if your claim is rejected, you can still pursue compensation, so seek legal advice immediately as strict time limits apply for lodging an appeal. This limit is usually three months from the date when you receive the letter or statement of the claim being rejected.

The appeal process is a legal process, so you will need a lawyer to advise you. Law firms such as Freeman Turner are able to offer a no obligation review of your case in if they deem that there is a reasonable chance you will win, they can pursue it on a “no win, no fee” basis, which take away the worry about having to bear expensive legal costs.

If you follow these simple steps chances are you will be fairly compensated for your injury and get the help you need to back at work as soon as possible.

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