Inexpensive Ways To Grow Your Small Business

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America loves small business.  The Pew Foundation conducted a survey which found that 71 percent of Americans favor small, locally-owned businesses as opposed to larger corporations.  The collective attitude towards small business recently has taken a change for the better.  People are beginning to view entrepreneurs as heritage heroes.


Business patrons enjoy the idea that smaller operations have more time to dedicate to the customer experience.  There are fewer restraints on the way small business is conducted, and small business owners are more able to cater to a particular niche or target audience.  It is easier to build a loyal customer base in the absence of corporate restraints.  Check out a few of the more inexpensive methods to growing a small business.


Increase brand awareness


Publish regularly on social media sites.  People pay attention to these platforms far more than they probably should.  If the business boasts an engaging social media presence, they are far more likely to build a large following.


Just make sure to invest a little time in learning the tips and tricks of SEO, and create content that is both entertaining and beneficial to the web page’s search engine rankings.  Solid content will interest readers and rank well.


Build customer loyalty


Invest resources into building a fulfilling customer experience.  Make visitors remember their experience with the business, especially if it is an online company.  Virtual storefronts do not offer the same type of greeting with a warm smile and a handshake.  Owners must be able to adapt to the changing technologies and how those changes affect online marketing.


To stir up excitement in the hearts of shoppers, offer price breaks and loyalty benefits to returning customers and formulate an informational newsletter.  However possible, make the customer feel special.


Reach out to the surrounding community


Offer a free business seminar or webinar.  Provide simple refreshments and a day full of educational experiences.  People love to learn, and if they think a company is offering valuable information, then their attention is caught.


Work with local charities.  Placing employees out in the community builds brand awareness, but it also builds rapport with the community.  Show that the company is about more than just business, and the customers will respond positively.


Collect dependable staff members


Finding reliable team members is one of the most difficult tasks a business owner can face.  People always look better on paper than they really are as employees.  It is tricky to weed out the applicants that just are not right for the company, but it must be done.


The quality of the customer’s experience is at risk when unqualified employees are allowed to continue working with the public.  Try hiring online through one of the several screening platforms available to business owners.


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