Incredible Reasons to Offer Your Employees Flexible Vacation Time

When you hire employees, it’s not just their salary that you need to think about. There are other benefits that you can offer, as well as some things that the law requires. Giving your staff extras, whether it’s medical insurance or vacation time, is an excellent way to make your company more attractive. You could be helping to make your employees more loyal and hard-working. You can choose to provide them with benefits that improve their time at work and the balance between their work and personal lives.


Although the US is notorious for giving very few paid vacation days to employees on average, there is a rise in a particular phenomenon. Several firms, both large and small, have begun to offer unlimited vacation days to their staff. Among these companies are Netflix and Virgin. Not many enterprises go that far. But there are an increasing number of businesses, and particularly startups, choosing to be flexible or generous with the vacation time they offer. If you’re not sure how many vacation days you should provide your staff, here are a few reasons that it’s better to be generous than tight-fisted.


Your Employees Will Be Grateful


You don’t want a workforce that doesn’t like you. If you care about their well-being and their performance in the company, you need them to have respect for the management. Some employers might not bother with trying to make their staff happy, as long as they’re doing their job. But if they work for an employee they don’t like, it’s unlikely they’ll want to do their best for the firm. Allowing employees to take plenty of vacation time will show them that you care about their happiness, and not just about whether they’re turning up to work.


Show That You Trust Them


The practice of offering unlimited vacation days to staff is on the rise. Many employers are hesitant to implement the idea, fearing that their workers will start slacking off. But, in fact, the evidence suggests that the opposite happens. Allowing them to take their paid vacations whenever they want shows them that you trust them. Instead of fearing that they’re going to stop turning up to work, it says that you think they’re responsible enough to decide their work schedule. It’s not giving them free-reign to be lazy, but putting the responsibility into their hands to get their jobs done when it’s appropriate.


It’s Better Suited to the Digital Age


The typical 9-5, Monday to Friday working week is starting to die out, at least in some industries. In a world where we’re always connected and we could be talking to people on the other side of the world at any moment, it often doesn’t make sense. We have families and personal lives to juggle with our careers. And many younger people are trying to escape the “live to work” mentality they have seen in previous generations. Many people prefer to start or finish earlier or later or to dip in and out of their work throughout the day. Flexible working hours and days allow people to get things done at the best time for both the business and for them personally. There’s no need to stick to a rigorous schedule that could be unsuitable for everyone.


It Won’t Damage Your Business


There are perhaps two main worries about giving employees “too much” paid vacation. One of them is that it costs you money, and the other is that they will fall behind on their work. But you can solve both of these problems by having a supportive team. You already pay your employees a wage, so it won’t cost any extra if they’re not at work unless you hire a temp to replace them. But, in most cases, you shouldn’t need to bring anyone else in to cover their job. If your employees can take time off when they want, it encourages them all to pitch in when a member of their team is missing. So their colleagues cover their work while they’re away, eliminating the need for you to bring anyone else in or for them to feel like they have to work on vacation.


You Can Take Time Off Too


If your employees can take a vacation whenever they like, then the same rules can apply to you too. Sometimes your employees might expect you to be a constant presence, but if you allow them plenty of vacation time, you can lead by example. It can be worrying leaving your business in someone else’s hands, but you can prepare everyone for your absence. You can use a service similar to Message Direct to do a range of tasks while you’re away, such as taking messages and answering emails. Of course, you can also trust one of your current employees to manage things while you’re on vacation.


Happier, Harder Working Employees


When people get time to recharge their batteries, be with their families and work on their personal lives, they perform better at work. Everyone strives for a harmonious work/life balance and being able to get away on vacation helps them to achieve it. If they can spend time away from work, they can reduce their stress levels in all areas of their lives. A relaxed employee is better prepared to return to work and give it their all. And good employees will be switched-on even in their downtime. They could be formulating brilliant ideas or working on the solution to a problem as they do their shopping or sit on a beach.


Bring in Better Recruits


Offering better vacation time will make your business more attractive to some of the best candidates out there. Advertising a position at your firm isn’t a one-sided affair, where you just sit back and wait for people to scramble for the job. You need to provide great benefits if you want to bring in recruits who have the talent and drive that you’re looking for. Otherwise, they’ll go to your competitors, where they know they’ll be treated well.

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