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One of the most important aspects to get right in any company is tracking performance. It is vital that you know what is happening where, as this will aid forecasting, stock management and individual performance, optimising each to allow your business to grow.

If you are running a business based on sales, it is absolutely vital to ensure that all information related to how well you are doing is kept in one place, as this will allow you to see what, if anything, is required to get better. Importantly, having this information available allows you to track and log it, making forecasting simple and ensuring that you are always prepared for whatever lies ahead.

What You Need.

This is generally referred to as a ‘dashboard’ and should be one report or program that allows you an overview of what is happening in your organisation at any one time. Whether you require contact center solutions or are using a different model, a dashboard can display real time information about the workforce resource you have at present, sales to date, service levels, stock availability and much more. In order for your business to grow, it is vital that this type of information be available for analysis at all times.

How It Works.

Programs like this gather data for you through the technology you already have in place. Instead of analysing numerous spreadsheets or reports, the system can display all the information you need in one place so that you always know the state of play. This allows you to tweak and reorganise where necessary, allowing for real time reactions to any emerging issues.

What You Can Do With It

Careful analysis of these elements of your output can help you to institute new policies and processes that will assist your growth. Improving productivity, for instance, or streamlining sales processes can ensure that your staff are available more often to make more sales. The real benefit, however, of proper tracking gaining the ability to forecast. Knowing when your customers call will help you to ensure that you have adequate staffing levels to cope and, ultimately, make more sales.

Tracking types of contact can also help you:

determine which products are of real interest to your customer.

allow for improvements and expansion of a product line.

monitor if there are any issues that may affect your return custom so you can address these in order to ensure success.

In this time of difficulty, it is more important than ever to improve efficiency and productivity and investment in a tracking system can ensure that this is done smoothly. The ability to see the state of play at a glance gives you the ability to react and plan for most possibilities and to ensure that your company is always performing at its very best.


Smith is a consultant Voice Specialist and Operations Manager who writes on various contact centre subjects for websites and blogs. He is a firm believer in using the best technologies to improve your business and believes that companies such as checkmatefollow are an ideal for solution for those that don’t have the in house expertise to properly track and manage performance.

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