How VoIP Analytics Is Helping Providers Give Customers a Better Service

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Whether you are looking for a reliable VoIP provider for your home or place of business, the one thing you really need to be aware of is their reliability. It doesn’t pay to have a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) provider unless you can be guaranteed uptime and reliable communications. In fact, sites like TechRepublic have claimed that VoIP analytics is vital as nowadays customers crave backend functionality that gives them greater options. Here are just a few of the ways that VoIP analytics is helping providers give customers a better service.


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First a Little Background

Most often you will be dealing with what is referred to in the industry as an OTT provider. This is an over-the-top provider that uses internet protocol in establishing telecommunications across a number of digital avenues. Of course, the internet is where this activity takes place, so the first thing you need to establish when choosing a provider from a site like WhichVoIP is whether or not they have a sound history and a strong customer base. If so, you can probably know they are reliable and back their contractual agreements.

Where Problems Could Be Stemming From

The first way in which VoIP analytics can help to offer a better service is in determining where a problem lies if a customer encounters one. Since each of those customers uses a different internet provider, it stands to reason that the problem could be from a specific company. Analytics help a VoIP provider document whether the problem is on their end or with one of the many, many internet companies their customers may be using.

Are Your Systems Fighting for Resources?

Sometimes there are just so many users online that they are fighting for resources. Typically this is on the server end, but it could be just general internet traffic. Certain days of the week, month and year tend to be higher in volume and other times, for no known reason, traffic is just too high to handle all the demands being made. Just think about the end of last tax reporting period. Did you find that your telecommunications were somewhat disrupted due to a lack of resources? This is where analytics can be a major boon. It just might be that the problem isn’t the web, it’s the company you get your internet service from!

OTT Providers Use Analytics for Intelligence that is Actionable

Now then, when it comes to an OTT provider, they offer IP telecommunications to a great number of smaller providers that are more or less sub-contractors. The OTT company has the service and then smaller providers make a profit selling what they have to offer. It can be a bit confusing, but if you are a company selling VoIP telecommunications and are working with a larger OTT provider, you will want to know that their analytics are in order so that if there is a glitch or disruption to the services you sell, they will be able to quickly get a handle on what is wrong and help you communicate the information to your end customers.

The long and the short of it is that VoIP analytics are a way in which to determine where problems arise so that they can be quickly fixed. This enables smaller providers to give reliable service to their customers and in the end, everyone is a winner from the OTT provider right down through the chain to the end user.

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