How to Throw Bad Office Morale Out Of the Window

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Employers might suggest that their workforce can find absolutely anything to moan about, but when it comes to window treatments their staff might have several very good points to raise. Whilst often ignored by office blocks, window blinds can actually have a much bigger effect on team morale than one might first imagine.

First and foremost, they are one of the ideal ways for a building to regulate its temperature. As any office worker will tell you, trying to plough through paperwork in sweltering heat is a sure-fire way to clock watch and just pray for the day to end. At the same time, sat there huddled up in jumpers has the same effect. Fortunately, through the likes of insulated blinds and solar shades, it immediately becomes possible to regulate a room’s temperature without even tapping into the mechanical heating and cooling systems.
If we continue on the theme of productivity, our reliance on computers means that screen glare is only going to become an even more common problem. This is something that occurs when sunlight bounces straight off our screens – making them very hard to use without some extreme squinting of the eyes. Rather than cast the room into darkness with a set of curtains, the latest invention of solar shades can eradicate this problem whilst still allowing natural light to flow freely into the building.

Next, we’ll move onto something that perhaps isn’t a given amongst office workers, but it can still make life much more pleasant. Having a soaring view is something that some office buildings could present – but they don’t for the simple reason of privacy. Business owners don’t want the world prying straight through their glazing and as such, the windows are usually closely guarded. Through the invention of the top-down bottom-up shade, this doesn’t have to occur anymore. These can be manipulated over the window, to find the balance between privacy and that great view. As the name suggests, they are operated from either the top or the bottom, meaning that the effects can be terrific.

Finally, something that all of these problems have in common is that they can limit the amount of natural light that flows into premises. This is something that has always been associated with high morale and if you are stuck in a building which is just lit by synthetic ceiling lights, it’s another reason to watch the clock tick round to 5pm. Instead, whether it’s through the Venetian, top-down bottom-up, Solar shade or anything else – blinds make it easy for natural light to be filtered to replace the traditional light switch.

Of course, if there are some underlying reasons behind your workforce’s bad morale, a new window treatment is unlikely to resolve them. However, as we’ve just shown, blinds are able to tackle a lot of the common complaints that are found in office space up and around the country – to hopefully make your employees happier and ultimately, more efficient.


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