How To Take Your Housecleaning Business To The Next Level

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If you have a housecleaning business, perhaps you’re making a nice amount of money with a good amount of clients. However, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, there are some things that you should really consider.

Housecleaners who are known for fantastic and specialized work can make a six figure salary easily. Perhaps rather than being the sole proprietor of your business you would rather opt for investing in a franchise. This means that you have a foundation to start from when launching your business rather than starting from scratch.

If you prefer to create your own vision and individual business not riding on the big name of a franchise, however, here are the main things to aim for.

Get a Contract With a Business

Getting a contract with a business is a great way to really make a name for yourself with a legitimate contract instead of in individual homes. By getting a contract with a business, you can add this to your client list on your website or marketing material.

Try going to businesses in your area and offering your business card with a price quote. If you do this every day trying all of your options, you’re bound to get one eventually. Once you’ve got one the rest will follow.

Offer Specialty Services

Try offering something that no one else does. Many house cleaners simply don’t have the time to do deep cleaning services like cleaning the blinds or cleaning deep crevices.

Offer any sort of cleaning that your client requires at a specialized priced instead of your hourly fee. This way you can make sure that you are properly compensated for something that is especially difficult and time-consuming outside of your normal cleaning duties.

Specialty services are a great way to stand out from the rest as a service that stands out from the rest. You could even consider a slogan that falls in this realm, mentioning you’ll do any sort of cleaning for a reasonable price.

Expand Your Marketing

Your business is really ready to soar the minute that you increase your visibility. By nature, humans are more likely to purchase products and services which they see. It goes into their mind and subconscious leaving them remembering you the next time that they need a service that you provide.

If there’s an opportunity for an ad in the local newspaper or putting a sign on a bulletin board in a local cafe or in a library. Make sure that you leave your contact information and a website.

Adding a social media account to your business marketing strategy is a great way to get visibility which you wouldn’t otherwise.

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