How to Take Advantage of YouTube as a Small Business

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YouTube is a great platform for indie content producers and small businesses. Unlike TV and other conventional media, YouTube allows you to reach viewers directly and interact with them through video content. Taking advantage of YouTube as a small business is actually a must, especially since more people are watching YouTube videos than reading through long-form articles. Here’s how you can take advantage of the video sharing platform for various reasons.

YouTube for Branding

YouTube is a great platform for developing a brand. You can share your brand’s values and key messages without being direct or blunt. Instead of shooting a 30-minute video of you talking about the brand, you can integrate these messages seamlessly into various forms of content.

A lot of brands are already taking this approach. Browse through YouTube and pay attention to the ads you’re getting. You’ll see a lot of these ads are not focusing on the products or services they are advertising. They tend to tell a story and feature interesting content; they are there for branding purposes.

You can take the same approach too. Let’s say you’re selling ground, pre-packaged coffee and you want to build a brand around your products. Instead of focusing on the products themselves, tell a story about the different people involved in the production process from start to finish. You can turn this simple content idea into a web series with multiple episodes.

Audio/visual messages tend to have a longer lasting effect on the audience, which is why YouTube is perfect for branding. All you have to do is focus on the stories. That brings us neatly to our next point.

YouTube for Storytelling

We’re way past the days of direct marketing and hard-selling. Today, the main focus on most marketing campaigns is actually soft-selling and telling a story. Yes, stories are far more important than the products and services you’re marketing for a number of reasons.

For starters, viewers are more engaged when they have a storyline to follow. This fact can be seen with other marketing instruments too, from articles to infographics and photos. Most social media platforms are making the shift to accommodate stories as well. Instagram has Instagram Stories while Twitter is now pushing its Moments tool.

The second and most important reason is the fact that you can deliver the key messages in a subtle and enjoyable way. Using the previous example, you can wrap a key message like “family-, hand-made coffee” around stories about how each bag of ground coffee is handled with extra care through every step of the production process.

YouTube for Relationship Building

One of the advantages you have as a small business is you can have a personal relationship with customers. Larger brands are trying to do the same thing, but smaller, personalised businesses and products tend to have more success. YouTube is the perfect platform for this job.

Instead of putting your brand or logo front and centre, YouTube allows you to show the people behind the brand. Take a look at Sun Bingo’s channel and you’ll see what I mean. Instead of pushing the company’s brand forward, the channel features characters like Rustie Lee. She’s a very fun woman that audiences can easily relate to upon watching her for the first time.

This type of engagement is what will help you build a loyal audience and, in turn, loyal customers. Once customers connect to your brand on a more personal level, maintaining that relationship will be so much easier to do.

YouTube for Adding Value

At the end of the day, viewers are on YouTube to search for information. Other than the three ways of using YouTube to market your small business we talked about earlier, it is also necessary to add value to the experience. Tutorial videos, tips and tricks and other practical videos that viewers can benefit from are all great for the channel.

These practical videos are also great for jumpstarting your channel and getting a lot of traffic quickly. Don’t forget to ask your viewers to subscribe at the end of the video. Before you know it, you’ll have a large number of viewers that stay loyal to your brand.

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