How To Streamline Your External Business Promotions

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As you already know, external promotions can boost your company sales. If you hope to increase your sales in 2015, you need to make sure that you know how to promote your brand. Many companies get this aspect of marketing wrong. They have too many conflicting styles and plans, and so they never make it. You don’t want to make that mistake. If you want your promotional style to be effective, you need to streamline it. Here is how you can do just that.


Step 1: Scrap everything you have right now


The first thing you need to do is scrap everything you already have. You might have loads of events lined up, but you need a fresh start. What you are doing now obviously isn’t working or you would not be reading this article. If you want to make the most of your marketing ideas, you need to start afresh.


Step 2: Create a company image


Next, you need to decide what message you want your promo team to convey. The best thing about external marketing is that there is a team out there on the streets. You need to do all you can to make sure that these people stay on message. When people are interacting with your staff, what do you want them to take away with them? You should choose a core message and stick to it for the best results.


Step 3: Redesign your business stands


If your promo stand looks old-fashioned, people will assume that you are out of touch. If you get a bespoke stand design for your business, you can make sure that you stand out from the crowd. The entire point of having a stand is so that you can catch people’s eye as they walk passed. If your current promo set-up isn’t doing the job, you need to get one that is. Getting new equipment is a small investment that could see a massive return if you get it right.


Step 4: Hire interesting promo staff


Your promo staff are the face of your company, and so you need to take special care when you hire them. You can’t choose just anybody. You don’t want to make silly mistakes when hiring. You need to get staff that are both interesting and charismatic. When you hold interviews for these roles, you need to make sure that you vet each candidate. Alternately, if you are using a third party company, you must insist on meeting the staff before they work for you. That way, you can be sure that the staff suit your brand.


Step 5: Get spots at top events


When it comes to promotions, you need to choose quality over quantity. That is to say that you don’t need to attend every event in your area. Instead, you should handpick the best events where you can reach your target audience. For example, if you are a cosmetics company, you want a stand at store openings and beauty events. If you sell cars, though, you only need to get pitches at automotive events. It is that simple. You should keep in mind who your customers are and which events they will attend.


Step 6: Find your hook!


Every pitch needs a hook, and so you need to find yours. The hook is what draws people to your stall when you are promoting your brand. Of course, in some cases, the thing will already be there. If you are selling sports cars, you can use a demo car as a hook. If you are selling life insurance, though, it might not be obvious what you can use to catch people’s attention. You might want to launch a competition, hire entertainers or get a quirky feature for your stall. Revamping your external promotions might seem like a massive job, but it will certainly pay off. Start today and see how you can change your business for the better!

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