How To Spot A Fantastic Manager For Your Company

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When you need to hire a manager within your company, you could find the decision overwhelming. Hiring someone to oversee the day to day management of your office is important, but who can you trust? You might have a few employees in mind, but not be sure which ones will make the best managers. You must never let personal feelings impact on your decision. Making someone a manager just because you like them will lead to problems later. Instead, you must look for some key characteristics in your potential candidates. Here is how you can spot a fantastic manager for your company.


They Are Confident, Not Arrogant


You will need your manager to be confident as they will have to deal with large numbers of people. What you don’t want, though, is a manager who is arrogant. Arrogance is an awful trait and leads people to abuse any power that they have. If your potential candidates want to be managers for the glory of the role, then they are not the right people for the position. Think about who of your potential candidates is the most modest, yet still has a good level of confidence. That person might be the right one for the job.


They Are Someone Who Gets On With People


A manager needs to get on with the other staff. Your employees will not respect a manager who they don’t get along with, so you need to choose the right person for the job. Look at your office. Who talks to everybody and is in sync with the environment? Your manager will need to communicate with everybody in the office, so it is vital that they are approachable.


They Know Their Job And The Jobs Of Others


A manager doesn’t just need to know their job role; they also need to know everyone else’s roles too. A manager will be overseeing all office activity. It is vital, then, that the manager knows what people should be doing. Look for someone who already has an interest in other people’s jobs. The person might engage with other employees about projects on which they are working. Or they might want to learn new skills from their colleagues. A manager who cares about other people’s jobs is an effective manager. You should look out for someone who knows what they do, but also knows what every other employee does too.


They Can See Projects Through To The End


A manager needs to learn project management early on in their career. If they don’t have the skill of managing various projects, they will not be confident managing a team of people. The ideal candidate will have a confidence when it comes to project management. They will be able to see projects through from the initial ideas stage to the final completed project stage. Who has shown you that they can do that? If someone is slack and doesn’t see things through, then they will be no good when it comes to managing a team.


They Are An Exceptional Employee


Your manager needs to have shown dedication to you and your company. The last thing you need is to promote someone to the position of manager, when they don’t care about the company. Who seems particularly invested in the business? Who cares more than the rest of the staff members? When you identify this person, you will have your manager. Signs of a great manager vary. Someone who is always on time for work dresses well in business wear and dedicates themselves to the job at hand will be ideal. Make sure that you choose someone based on their in-office performance. Every day your employees should be trying to impress you, so you should have no trouble finding the right person.



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