How To Protect Your Business From Crime

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If you’re a new business on the block, you may be surprised at just how much is working against you from day one, and threatening your company from the sidelines. Protecting your business from crime has to be one of the highest priorities for any organisation, or you run the risk of losing everything. Here are some basic considerations, as a company, to make sure that your business is on lockdown against criminals.

Conduct A Risk Assessment

Creating a risk assessment is all about identifying where you’re most vulnerable. If you’ve experienced any crime already, you may know exactly where one of your weakest points lies. Once your risk assessment has been compiled, you can start to prioritise which risks you need protection from the most, and work your way through your list, to create a more watertight business.

Protect Yourself And Your Staff

Give your staff training on how to react during a security breach. This is more important if you run a business that’s likely to be a target of physical theft during opening hours. If you have any tills, be sure to keep a record of the money and routinely empty the drawers. Keep the physical money light, and make sure that employees know to give up any goods or valuables, rather than risk getting hurt.

Secure Your Premises

Another physical concern, securing your premises – so it deters thieves – should be a high priority. Strengthen doors, lock windows, and install CCTV cameras. An alarm system should be implemented, no matter how annoying it can be when it’s accidentally triggered. Only give keys to certain individuals, and change the locks, if one of them goes missing.

Protect Your Hardware With Software

Even if your place of work is locked up with vault-like security, hackers can still access your delicate information and accounts, if your computers aren’t protected with the best software. They might even be able to access your bank accounts, which would be disastrous for your company. Be sure to get the best protection that you can afford, through a trusted brand; Dell Endpoint Security is a great option, but shop around to find the best package for your business.

Sensitive Paper Waste

Any paper containing sensitive information needs to be disposed of correctly. Either store it under lock and key, or make sure that it is well-shredded, before it is thrown away. You might be amazed at how much trouble your rubbish can get you in to.

Prevent Information Theft

Your system will be full of precious information, which should be shared on a need-to-know basis. Keep everything hidden by a password and log-ins, and only give permission to certain members of staff. If one of those members of staff leaves, be sure to change the log-ins, so they can’t abuse their position or share the information anywhere else. It’s better to be safe than sorry; especially in situations where someone has left in bad blood.

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