How to prevent your online business from Cyber-attack?

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Just like land-based businesses are the target of thieves or criminals, online businesses are the target of cyber criminals. Unlike criminals, cyber attackers do not wait for a season nor do they need any reasons to get into any systems. Sadly, every type of e-commerce is at the mercy of hackers who seize every chance to steal sensitive data. However, there are many ways to protect your e-commerce from attackers. Here are some useful tips.


Make use of a Secure E-commerce Platform

When it concerns online shopping sites, it is recommended to use a platform which uses sophisticated object-oriented programming languages. Many sites use WooCommerce, a plug-in from WordPress, which is safe and secure. Plus, more than 600,000 sites use this platform to operate as it is less expensive, easily set -up and highly secured.

Use a Secure Connection for Online Payments

In order to protect your customers, you must use a strong SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This type of data encryption ensures the secure transfers of all online transactions. No third-party or hackers will be able to decode the encryption, if they plan to attack your site. Plus, seeing HTTPS in the URL while accessing a site will make clients feel more safe.

For instance, at Kitty Bingo, the SSL encryption is always used which is why it is one of UK’s best online bingo site. On this online bingo site, players can be sure that neither their personal details or their card details are at risk. Through every page of the site, codes are used to make the site the safest. If you’re looking to play some bingo games while your mind is at peace, the best place is

Stay away from Social Engineering Scams

This type of scam starts with emails or other forms of online communications which arouse a sense of urgency, fear or emotional torment in the victim. Thus, forcing them to reveal their personal information or open malicious links.  You have to make sure to inform your workers when any such type of emails or calls are being received, they must not click or open any of these. Also, if the cyber-criminals are using your brand name or company’s logo when sending such emails, make sure to keep your customers informed of the mishaps, so that your clients do not lose trust in you.

The Use of Passwords

As the owner of an online business, it is your responsibility to keep the information of your clients safe on any servers. Hence, it would be wise to make customers use complex and difficult passwords, which includes numbers, symbols and special characters when registering accounts on your site.

E-business Security

One of the best ways to secure your e-commerce is to layer its security. You can start with firewalls as they can stop attackers before they even get into your network to steal data. By adding login boxes, search tabs and contact forms on your site, it ensure that attackers won’t be able to breach the application-level.

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