How To Keep Your Staff Happy And Safe In The Office

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No matter what type of business you own and run, ensuring your staff are safe and happy at all times should be a top priority. Failure to do this could result in shoddy work, arguments and injury claims against yourself, so it’s pretty vital that you take precautions and aim to get everything right first time. The post you’re reading at the moment has been published with the express intention of highlighting some ideas you may not have considered in the past. Hopefully, reading about them here could help to reinforce the need for careful thought, and guarantee everyone working for your firm enjoys themselves. At the end of the day, work can be pleasant you know!

Why am I such an authority on the issue? Well, apart from owning and running three companies at the moment, I also used to work as a health and safety inspector, so I know a thing or two about the common mistakes bosses make. In most circumstances, everything will be fine if you simply use some common sense and educate yourself a little. With that in mind, it’s now time to get started…


Don’t make them sit at their desks during break times


This is probably one of the most important steps you can make, and it has benefits for both parties. If your employees have no choice but to eat their lunch whilst sat at their workstation, the chances of them spilling something or causing damage to your computers is very high. Also, they won’t feel like they’ve had a proper rest from work, and that’s never a good thing for stress levels. You should aim to create a separate seating area away from the hustle and bustle where they can relax, chat with their colleagues and eat their lunch is peace.


Don’t make them do the cleaning


When you are a professional person with desirable skills, nothing is more disheartening than hearing your boss say everyone is staying behind after work tonight to polish, hoover and clean the office. Stop being such a tight wad! There are plenty of commercial cleaners operating in your local area, and most of them would be more than willing to come in one evening every week to make your office look appealing once more. Best of all? They don’t charge much for the service, so you have no excuse for making your own staff get their hands dirty.


Don’t get on their backs too much about small mistakes


If a particular employee makes the same mistakes over and over again, it is sensible for you to have a quiet word in their ear about the issue. However, some bosses pick at everything and fail to remember their staff are working very hard to deliver their workload on time. You want to avoid doing this, and always try to give them a positive statement before mentioning any errors they might have made.


Presuming you manage to follow those tips and implement a few simple idea of your own, there’s no reason your team won’t be happy and safe when inside the office.


See you next time!

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