How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe and Secure

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Construction sites need to be extremely safe places to be. Employees need to be kept safe to the best of your abilities, and you also need to make sure the public are safe from the work you’re doing. If precautions aren’t followed, accidents and injuries will happen. The equipment is heavy and complicated, and it’s all too easy to get hurt.. The following pointers will help you to keep your construction site as safe as possible:

Identify and Assess Any Hazards


Walk through your construction site and assess any hazards and potential hazards. Note these down and make sure everybody is aware of them and how to avoid them.


Make Sure all Staff Are Trained in Site Safety


All staff need to be fully trained in site safety. There are courses you can send them on that will educate them if needs be. This is helpful if they need a certificate in health and safety too.


Label and Secure Hazardous Materials


Construction sites tend to work with a lot of hazardous materials. Make sure these are labelled and secured appropriately.


Regularly Inspect Your Equipment


Any equipment you use should be inspected regularly to make sure there are no faults present. If you don’t inspect your equipment properly, you could run the risk of injuring staff or the public, which will land you in hot water.


Use Proper Safety Equipment


You and your employees need to use the proper safety equipment in order to keep yourselves safe. Depending on the equipment and jobs you’re doing, the equipment you’re using will vary. This could be helmets, goggles, and steel toe cap boots, for example. Make sure nobody bends the rules and that everybody wears the things they are supposed to!


Meet OSHA Safety Standards


Follow the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations standards. You will need to do this as you will more than likely have safety inspections at unexpected times.


Have a Plan for Emergencies


Sometimes, accidents happen. These accidents are more likely to be serious on a construction site, so make sure you have a plan in place for emergencies. Make sure the plan is effective immediately if anything happens. Everybody should know the drill and the correct measures to take!


Barricade the Site During Working Hours


To protect the public from wandering onto your site during working hours, make sure the site is barricaded and marked with the correct signs.


Lock all Points of Entry When You Finish


When it’s time to finish up for the day, make sure that all points of entry are locked. You may also want to try a safety solution from a site like Wireless security equipment will help you to monitor your site on a regular basis and make sure that it’s safe when you’re not there.


Construction sites should be safe and secure at all times. This is essential in order to protect yourself, your employees, and the public. Follow the above tips and you should keep yourself well guarded against any problems!


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