How to display business presentations in the 21st century

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Methods of delivering presentations have come an awful long way over the past decade or so. Now many businesses have invested in high definition projectors to display their graphics to win business or deliver news to bosses. There are a number of ways emerging that could render this method obsolete.

A blast from the past
Right up until the start of the 21st century, the favoured method by most people in delivering presentations was via an overhead projector and acetate transparencies. It almost beggars belief to think that not too many years ago, people were slaving over the graphics of their presentations on a computer, only to print them off and photocopy them onto a transparency before being able to present. Of course, as it turned out the typos and other errors would only ever be spotted after the transparencies had been prepared and then the cycle would begin again. With the proliferation of digital projectors, this practice thankfully doesn’t happen anymore. But in the future, will using such technology also seem odd?

A new paradigm for displaying graphics
Rather than using a projector to beam light onto a wall, whiteboard or projector screen, which can be a cumbersome process, as well as time consuming if the resources are not on site, what if a whole glass partition could become the screen? Using a new development called smart glass, this is possible. Not only does your glass wall become the largest high definition screen you’ve ever seen, the technology behind smart glass can also make your partitions opaque to provide privacy when meetings or interviews are taking place.

Online delivery of presentations
Whilst it was once absolutely necessary for the clients or colleagues that were receiving the presentation to be in the room, developments in online presentation platforms are making this a problem of the past. Websites such as prezi are set up to allow for the sharing of presentation documents with anyone across the globe, making remote presentations far simpler to set up. With video conferencing facilities available for anyone who can download skype software, it may not be long before people look back in amazement that we actually used to travel great distances to deliver or experience presentations.

Of course, platforms such as skype or prezi also make it far easier to collaborate with colleagues in different sites, whether locally, nationally or even globally. The reach of these sites gives businesses the opportunity to reach out and connect with each other in ways that were thought impossible not long ago.

A word on the content
Although it is far easier to deliver engaging and beautifully crafted presentations these days using software, websites and hardware combinations, it is vital to remember that these make no substitute for a well-planned and thoroughly researched presentation. The old saying that it is impossible to make a silk purse from a sow’s ear rings doubly true when it comes to presentations; the simple fact is, if you have a good message, just standing in a room will deliver it well.

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