How to deliver the perfect package in business

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With an increasing number of businesses expanding and exploring online avenues, the logistics of delivering products to clients are increasingly important. But how easy it is it for companies to strike a balance between cost and quality?

Although the notion of expanding business through customer delivery is a deliciously tempting one, the reality of shipping and logistics can be a challenge. Getting it right first time is highly unlikely, but repeatedly getting it wrong is unforgivable. All companies need to look carefully at the service they offer and be prepared to become responsive to problems, reflective in their considerations and receptive to change, in order to enable a service that places consumer and product first. Whether its minimising costs, simplifying packaging solutions or achieving maximum customer satisfaction, getting deliveries right can impact positively throughout a business.

No more pass the parcel
Before the customer sees and is able to get their hands on the product, they are too often confronted by packaging that is incongruous with the item ordered. Imagine a book nested inexplicably in reams of crumpled paper in a fridge-sized box; a waste of time for the customer and an increased cost to the company. Therefore, ensuring boxes of the required shapes and relevant sizes are in stock or perhaps even investigating alternative materials, such as plastic, for your products, is worthwhile. Either way, streamlining packaging is essential when managing cost and expectations.

Safety first
Protecting the product is vital. Damaged products can lead to damaged reputations; they do nothing for the customer and even less for the company. The time it takes to re-organise the quality of a shipping process is more than justified by sidestepping the negative feedback improved service will eradicate. Investing in custom made quality foam products to protect goods has major benefits. Initial costs are offset by a dramatic reduction in returns and complaints; the administration attached to these two aspects of online business can be crippling in terms of time taken. Furthermore, many foam packaging solutions, such as chipfoam, are economical no matter a business’s size or reach. It is clear that to attract new customers, in addition to encouraging repeat custom, packaging must be safe, secure and reliable.

Added benefits
Whether using the postal service, outsourcing to delivery companies or employing your own couriers, effective packaging and safe delivery is also the source of many extra marketing benefits. Including leaflets, refer a friend offers or even pre-printed return labels can lead to continued customer relations and don’t assume that the latter necessarily increases returns. It is a much appreciated bonus to many customers and may, in fact, encourage them to purchase in the first place, rendering it a logical business move.

Proven to be key in both increasing sales and marketing effectively, taking the time to embed secure and streamlined delivery policies is in a company’s best interests. Indeed, it may just be the cornerstone of a successful online business venture.

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