How To Communicate Better With Clients

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Some people are far better at communicating than others, but everybody has room for improvement. With this in mind, we are going to take a quick look at some of the many ways that your can improve your communications with your business customers. By following these tips, not only will you have a happier client base, but you will also be able to spot potential problems far earlier and be in a better position to fix things. Ready? Then let’s talk client communication.

Know When To Talk & When To Listen

A good business doesn’t really have to say much at all – its product and marketing should say everything already. So, when it comes to those customer interactions that occur, keep a lid on what you want to say and listen more to what they want you to hear. Listening is a skill that can be learned with practice, and it doesn’t take much. A little restraint and concentration on your part and some better training for your employees will go a long way.

Record Everything

Many businesses benefit from taking records of all client communications. The obvious reason for doing so is that phone recording can help prove who is in the right when it comes to disputes. But, it can also give you some great hints and tips on what your business is doing right, and where it is slipping up. Regular reviews of client communication can also help produce some great ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of on your own. Make sure you take as much as you can from every call to build up a picture of how your business sounds to your clients.

Be Helpful

A lot of business owners are resistant to the idea of offering free advice to customers. However, you could be missing out on repeat transactions if you don’t. Advice and helpful tips can go a long way to securing a one-off customer to a regular visitor, and it will also increase your business authority in your industry. If you want to be the go-to person in your field, then you are going to have to get used to dishing out free help whenever you can. And, if you can’t help them there and then, don’t be afraid to send them somewhere else that can. That’s just good communication, and the customer will be thankful for your efforts – meaning there’s more chance of them returning later on down the line.

Offer Different Packages

If a customer comes to you for a product or service, but can’t afford it, what do you do? If you turn them away without giving them another opportunity, then they will go and find somebody else. You don’t have to lower your standards or quality, but it can be helpful to offer them a more affordable, slimmed-down package instead. You never know where that might lead, so always have backup packages you can pull out of the hat when a customer needs you to. It’s one of the best ways of attracting new customers, and could lead to an opening in a market you hadn’t previously considered.

Let us know how you found these tips – and if they have helped you create a more customer-focused business. We’d love to hear from you.

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