How to Brand Your Start-Up Business

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All the big multinational businesses and organisations had to start somewhere. That place was the bottom. It is wherever start-up business begins.

One of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked, aspects of starting your own business is creating a brand. A brand message is the one thing that connects a business to its customers and potential consumers.

Some of the biggest established brands today all have a brand message that is built from simplicity. Brands, such as; Google, Apple, Samsung, Nike and Viners, all have a simple brand message. Whether that message is; innovation, quality or history. They connect with their target audience in a very ‘human’ way.

You do not need to be a marketing genius to create a brand message. You simply need to bridge the gap with something that conveys your business to your customers. If you were a start-up business that sold cleaning products, a brand message could focus on providing a safe home for families.

Of course, your brand message needs to be communicated in the right way too. What good is a brand message if you do not have the means or mediums to communicate this to your target audience? You could look at communicating your brand message using online and offline channels.

Key Considerations

Take a moment to think about where your customers frequent. What magazines do the read? What TV do they watch? Which radio stations do they listen to? What forums to they contribute on? Which websites do they visit more often than others? Once you have done your research, you will know where to focus your brand message. You could even create custom made trash cans if your customers took notice of it.

There are a few simple rules and a rather simple thought process that you should adhere to when creating your own brand.

Creating Your Business Logo

There are a few things that you need to consider when creating your business logo:

  • Functionality: Your new logo should work on a variety a different business elements. These include items, such as; business cards, posters and letterheads.
  • The Wow Factor: Your logo should have the ‘wow’ factor.
  • Original: Take some time to research what logos you like and dislike. Then invest in a graphic designer to come up with some original ideas. It is well worth the extra time and money.
  • Future-Proof: Your logo should also stand the test of time.

Creating Your Business Slogan

Your slogan is a selling tool. It should focus on a small written statement that says something about your start-up. Your slogan should also make an emotional connection with your target audience.

Creating Your Mission Statement

You may hear other people talk about company mission statements in a very negative way. But, like with anything else in business, a mission statement is what you make of it. Your mission statement should be used as a guide for your business. Your start-up should live by what is said here, to show your customers that you are serious about what you are saying within it.

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