How to Best Utilise a Small Exhibition Space

Whether you opt for the largest or smallest size display area at a trade show or exhibition, you don’t have much space to work with. Your stall needs to serve so many purposes – not only does it have to store and display your marketing material, it also needs to be eye catching enough to encourage people to want to see what you’re offering. Below you’ll find some tips that will help you make the most of your next exhibition stand space.

Find Out Exactly What You’re Working With

While you may know the basic dimensions and inclusions from the booking sheet, make sure you clarify exactly what you are getting in your package. Ask to see actual mock-ups of what the booth space will look like – or better yet, photographs from previous shows. Having the specifics and a visual to refer to will enable you to better plan out how you’ll set up and theme your display.

Plan Your Display

Have you actually mapped out how you will set up your booth? Checked if everything you’re planning to take fits in the space and how it looks? Presenting a cohesive, branded and themed display is hard to do without some prior planning. The little details matter and can make all the difference in whether your booth attracts attention.

Ditch the Trestle Table

Often the table supplied takes up just about the whole width of your stand, which really limits your space. Consider using something a little out of the box like a fabric, pop up counter. Places like Tenji Concepts have a great range of tables, counters and shelving that are lightweight and portable and easy to print in full colour which is great from a branding perspective. Because they come in a range of sizes, these pop up solutions can really help you make the most of your space and give people plenty of room to move around your display.

Go Digital

Using a television or tablet screen to bring up electronic versions of your brochures not only saves you space, it also helps to position you as a modern and technologically savvy organisation. Make sure you have a way for people to “take them” away though – on a USB or via a Dropbox link or perhaps even offer to email them direct to anyone who asks for them there and then. Just remember that you may have some peak periods where you can’t speak to everyone who approaches so make sure they can easily grab a way to find out more information too.

One last tip – less is more! Try not to cram too much into a small space. You need to be able to work in the area too. Spend the time before the trade show ‘thinking outside the box’ and planning out your exhibition space to ensure you’re making maximum impact on the day without looking too busy or cluttered.

What are your best tips for planning and styling a small exhibition space?

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