How Experts like Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau of Mansartis Define Funds Management

Any business interested in making strong investment decisions can learn a thing or two about funds management from experts such as Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau of Mansartis, an experienced wealth management company. Funds management is vital to the success of any corporation, or really any organization from the family unit to nonprofit organizations and everything in between. Having enough funds available to overcome challenges and maintain burgeoning operations, while investing wisely for a strong future, is what every business or unit wants. According to such top experts, the key is supporting a team- approach to investing and clearly defining an investment philosophy that looks at the long-term financial future. There are a few essential ingredients that make this kind of investment model possible.

An Analytical Foundation

Analysis is the foundation of any solid funds management plan, and performing analytical functions must involve a team of experts making the decisions. Choosing stocks and managing funds can’t be performed in a vacuum – multiple eyes, ears and minds are always better than one. Picking stocks from the ground up with a team-oriented approach ensures the best possible chance for success.

Communication of Expertise

Building a strong investment portfolio and funds management plan involves a team approach, and involving the whole team requires a sharing of knowledge each time an important decision needs to be made. Communicating valuable expertise every step of the way keeps stakeholders involved and engaged with the process. Sharing expertise ensures stakeholder buy-in, a high level of transparency and the kind of honest professionalism that keeps businesses successful well into the future.

Diverse Portfolio Design

Experienced funds managers know that diversification is key to reducing risks for clients. Before making an investment plan and agreeing to any allocations of wealth, it’s important to define the highest acceptable levels of risk and then design a diverse portfolio accordingly. The fewer diverse components you have in your portfolio, the higher risk you take as your smaller number of investments continue to mature.

Lack of Bias in Investment Choices

A good funds manager knows it is essential to be open to new investment styles and open to new ideas to maximize returns. Being tied to one specific investment style or benchmark can be limiting if you truly want to capitalize on the conditions of the market. This is different from having a diverse portfolio design – being unbiased means being open to adding new components to your portfolio that are outside of the traditional investment schemes.

Long-Term Investment View

Building a successful corporate investing model requires a combination of enduring value, increasing returns and ongoing momentum. Short-term investment views, on the other hand, may involve inappropriate risks and limited views on portfolio allocation. It’s important to consider what an organization needs to be successful and continue to grow and innovate right now, but more importantly the organization needs a plan to maintain success well into the future. Funds management experts agree that a long-term approach to investing is really the only way to go.

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