Great Franchise Ideas For New Business Owners

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Looking to start your own business but worried about the hardship and stress associated with the initial start-up? Franchises can be a great way to start your own business, without the usual stress that accompanies it. Read below for information on a few of the great industries that offer franchises.


Communication is one of the most vital industries for any economy. Stating a franchise telecommunications business opens you up to an industry that is constantly growing and changing. With nearly everyone in the world using some kind of device to communicate there could not be a bigger or more reliable customer base. Not only is the market so large, once you have a customer they will be signed up to a long term contract, giving you a highly secure source of income. Many great telco franchises exist including Telcoinabox ( ). Do your research – some offer more dynamic opportunities than others.

Fast Food

Hospitality is a great industry to enter if you like fast pace and lots of action. Fast food chains have a huge and reliable customer base. Though ideas on healthy eating a changing, so are the menus at fast food restaurants. With such a large customer base comes the need for a large number of employees, ready to deal with the constant and changing flow of hungry patrons. This gives you the chance to oversee the management of strong and unified team, working together in one of the most competitive industries. Fast food is the perfect industry for an energetic, would be business owner who is looking for a challenge.


For as long as there have been gardens, there have been gardeners to maintain them. If you are looking for an industry that is ever changing and gets you outdoors then gardening is the thing for you. With low start-up costs, it is one of the most easily accessible franchises available. It is the perfect job for someone that wants to get out and do something instead of being stuck at a desk all day. There is almost always work, so long as plants are growing. Even when they aren’t growing there is always a chance to do basic landscaping.

Fitness Gyms

One of the fastest growing industries is fitness. By starting up a gym you put yourself into an evolving and challenging industry. There is a very divided customer base for gyms; you will get highly dedicated customers that will stay on for long periods of time and customers that will sign up and never come back. As an gym owner you are unlikely to see or communicate with your customers very often, so this is a great industry if you want to run a service without too much feedback.

Petrol Stations

The most competitive market for a franchise could be petrol stations. With so many around, and many of them near each other, there is a constant price war over customers. Such a big customer base means petrol stations rarely just offer fuel, but also offer the services of a small shop, selling food and car care supplies. The number of cars on the roads so that petrol stations a very reliable market to get into.

There are many different franchises to choose from, each industry offering something different. If you are looking to start up a new business remember to take the time to research which industry suits you best. What other great industries are offered by franchises?

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