Five Ways to Keep Your Warehouse Clean and Tidy

A warehouse is possibly the biggest workspace you will ever find, which makes it incredibly difficult to keep organised, clean and tidy. But if you want to ensure everything runs smoothly, and you’re operating an effective and efficient process, then it’s important to focus on these things.

Here, we offer five different tips that will help you with keeping your warehouse in an appropriate state.

Bins and Recycling

Mess needs to go somewhere, so providing ample bin space is crucial to your operations. Without them, everything would just be left lying around, which is bad for productivity, convenience and even safety. Ensure there’s at least one bin in each section of the warehouse.

Recycling is also an option you should be looking into. This ensures the regular bins don’t get overused, and all of your rubbish is organised into different categories. Plus, it’s great for the environment. Again, try to set up a few recycling “bases” around the warehouse to make it as easy as possible for employees.

Cleaning Zones

Things will work better if the responsibility of cleaning and tidying isn’t just down to one person. It takes a team effort. A good idea we’d recommend is to divide the warehouse into different cleaning zones, and have specific employees take care of that section.

The workload can be rotated so that everyone is at some point in charge of this process. That way, nobody feels like they’re getting bogged down in cleaning when they have their regular duties to be getting on with.

Provide Cleaning Equipment

While you don’t need anything in particular to keep things tidy (just ensure everything is in its right place when not being used), cleaning is another matter altogether. The basics you will need include things like a broom, a mop and possibly a hoover of some kind.

However, depending on the contents of your warehouse, you might need specialised cleaning products. Certain machinery will not work properly unless it is maintained correctly, so remember to supply your employees with anything they might need to keep the place respectable.

Follow Safety Advice

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons to keep your warehouse clean and tidy is safety. Less mess means a smaller chance of someone tripping up and hurting themselves, and a cleaner environment reduces the chances of an employee getting sick.

But it’s also crucial that you make your employees aware of how to clean safely. For example, if you’ve just mopped the floor, put out a “wet floor” sign to prevent any accidents. Machinery may have special cleaning instructions too, that are designed to stop any damage to the equipment.

Remove Unnecessary Stock

If you’ve got things lying around on the shelves that are never going to get used, either because they’re outdated or broken, then get rid. Not only are they a waste of valuable space, but they’re a magnet for dust.

You’ll definitely appreciate a lack of clutter, and the extra room will give the warehouse a much cleaner and tidier look. It might be difficult to get rid of certain items, but if they don’t provide a use, then there’s really no point in keeping them.

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