Five Fun Facts about Zumba

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Zumba is part dance, part aerobic exercise, part interval training and part resistance training. It is one of the latest workout craze and if you have rhythm or even if you don’t it gets everyone involved up and moving. It is inspired by latin dance moves. It strengthens and tones the body. Zumba is enjoyed by all young and old. It doesn’t require any special clothing or equipment just a desire to move, dance and enjoy yourself.

Zumba tones the body sculpting it with choreographed moves. All body parts are benefitted by the workout, the glutes, the abs, the arms and the legs. Although Zumba has it’s roots in latin music, it incorporates merengue, mambo, cumbia, cha-cha, hip hop and belly dancing. Cumbia is a popular dance oriented music genre originating from Columbia. It increase participant’s fitness level and many lose over 500 calories per hour. Merengue hails originates from the Dominican Republic. Mambo is rooted in the Cuban Culture and Belly dancing from the Middle East.

Zumba feels like a party. Many take the classes with friends and form quick bonds with other participants as they learn the routines and enjoy the music. It’s incorporation of international music assist in educating various cultures about other ethnicities and their mutual love of music. it’s a total body workout.

Zumba releases feel good endorphins from the body. These promote relaxation and reduce stress in the body. Many who take a Zumba class express a heightened state of euphoria and energy after class. This is bound to make life a little easier when tackling the daily demands of life. Who can’t smile and laugh while they are having fun?

Zumba requires an amazing amount of concentration and focus. The brain becomes so centered on participating and following the routine some claim to have out of body experiences in that they can not believe it was them in class.

Consider taking a local Zumba class. Check out Groupon for Zumba promotions from local providers. They have multi class options and month long memberships available. It doesn’t require a long term commitment to a health club or gym. You can beat getting to have fun without breaking your wallet. Get out there and start moving!

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