Establishing Your Own Successful Cleaning Business

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With people living busy lives, cleaners have come into their own. They are required in a variety of settings, from private homes to bigger commercial and industrial properties. A cleaning business can prove very successful, but there are a number of things to consider before taking the plunge.

Where to start

It can be difficult to know where to begin when setting up any business and there are a number of things to think about. By deciding on a specialist area and working out how to proceed, it’s easy to take those tentative first steps into business. Consider the following steps.

 First, it’s a good idea to decide how big or small your ambitions are and how many cleaning contractors you hope to employ. Then do some research into the various sectors, making a decision about which area to concentrate on.

 Think about the level of investment required from the outset, bearing in mind materials, admin, insurance, wages, transport and any specialist equipment which may be needed.

 Depending on the size of the business, certain types of insurance are not always necessary, yet cover is a good investment and offers not only protection but also peace of mind.

 In a commercial or industrial environment it is standard to provide all cleaning products. Equipment such as floor polishers and other heavy duty machines are commonplace. In a private home, however, clients may prefer to use their own products, especially if they are eco-friendly or allergy-resistant and in this case prices may need to be adjusted.

Onwards and upwards

Once you have set up a basic business plan and have an idea of how best to proceed, it’s time to concentrate on marketing your services and putting the wheels in motion. There are various ways to build up a client base and this is vital to get your name known.

 Advertising can be a good way of self-promotion, but it is also expensive, especially at the beginning when funds will be stretched. Hand-delivered leaflets are a possibility, as is advertising on a shop noticeboard or in a local paper.

 Onee of the best ways to increase your profile is through word of mouth, so recommendations are key. Make everyone you speak to aware of the services you offer and hopefully it will come up in conversation the next time someone is looking for a cleaner.

 Think about the best route for you, whether that happens to be setting up from scratch or with the support of a franchise.

 It goes without saying that every job should be done to an excellent standard, as a job well done is likely to result in a satisfied customer who could bring more work your way.

A cleaning business can simply be one self-employed person with a bucket of basic supplies, or an umbrella company that employs and manages a team of professional cleaning contractors. Either way it is a viable way to earn a healthy income within an industry that offers plenty of opportunities.

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