Essential Skills for Business Marketers Online

When highlighting the essential skills for new marketers we often refer to studies that acknowledge analytical and capacity skills for decision-making from Big Data, analysis of the large volumes of data, a well-rounded knowledge on digital and off-line marketing along with social media.


According to Econsultancy reports some of the main skills of business marketers include, the ability to adapt to change. As valued aspect, and a priority by 75% of senior marketers, is essential to properly navigate the digital environment. Also, 63% of respondents emphasized the need for these professionals have an innate instinct to serve them to discover opportunities, and skill to quickly adapt their strategies to each new stage. We could not miss in the description of these special abilities passion, and tireless need to learn, always willing to go further and question the established schemes (61%) mention this curious spirit.

Moreover, we must not forget that the online environment is the quintessential collaborative environment where you can always learn from the actions of others, and where the union is strength. Thus, 45% of participants in the study emphasized the need for these professionals have a collaborative spirit, enjoy sharing knowledge and enriching each other. Another aspect to consider is the fact that online marketing is constantly facing new challenges and unfamiliar situations that need to be addressed. Thus, 45% agreed that it is necessary to know how to deal with uncertainty, as a normal element to daily live. This is the stimulus that encourages improvement.

59% of those surveyed by Econsultancy emphasizes the customer experience as the area that is getting more important, followed by analysis of the data (51%). Meanwhile, only 20% consider content marketing will record a great development in the coming years. Meanwhile, all of them bet blindly for the growth of mobile marketing (50%).

Regarding the characteristics of these professional skills marketing professionals, management and ability to develop a Social Media strategy ranks first ( 54% ), followed by content marketing ( 49%) and web analytics (46% ), all of them areas, which have significantly been increasing their relevance in recent years.

Apart from the specific and technical skills, such as management information and expertise of the digital environment, as the ability to adapt to change, or to detect trends and opportunities, there is a priority on the skills of the business marketers, and this is the Customer experience.

The keys to the consumer experience and social networks
In recent years companies have used Internet platforms to better promote their products and services. However, many see this tool only to save money and ignore potential information that could be used to improve their business.

For a digital commerce expert how a customer acts as the brand has changed. According to the specialists, there are many ways in which social media can be harnessed to create a better relationship with customers, and also go beyond the fact of disseminating information online. The good thing about social networks is that they are open; i.e. comments are public. With these advantages companies can monitor not only its own brand but competition.

However, you have to have some skill to take advantage of social networking. There are many that are only dedicated to interact in a timely manner, answer and interaction ends there. The information that is accessed can serve to improve the company and even take it as an opportunity, and Twitter is one of the most useful social networking  for digital business when it comes to disseminating information.

Customer Experience

Meanwhile, the recent study by MIT Sloan Management Review, in collaboration with SAS Institute indicated that 64% of respondents give greater importance to the management of the customer experience, rather than analytic, when it comes to achieve key business objectives. It is the ability to value information, and implement in a timely manner in order to maximize the effectiveness of the strategy.

With this information business marketers can create strategies that can be applied for the benefit of the brand.

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