Don’t Dread The Night – Get Going With These Tips

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Stimulate Your Imagination

Here’s the thing about imagination: you can’t force it. Well, you can, but at the same time you can’t. That certainly sounds dichotomous; here’s how it breaks down: your mind is going to always think things, and it will always go in strange directions. Your imagination is always working, so you don’t have to .

So what’s the difference between those who are truly imaginative, and those who can’t seem to have an original thought? Well, the key is making connections. Some of the most intelligent people in the world are comedians, because they can make a connection between two unrelated concepts which “jives” with others.

That is to say: they can transmit a funny thought or concept they’ve come across to others successfully, and with a minimum of unnecessary dross. They can transmit that connection with simplicity and ease. The one-liner represents, in many respects, mastery of this reality. The “clean” one-liner is the top of its class.

Why People Laugh At Dirty Jokes

It’s easy to make people laugh with “dirty” jokes because these deal with an obvious taboo about which people are generally uncomfortable, thus laughing not because they’ve understood the disparate connection, or genuinely found it funny, but out of a certain discomfort and pride. They don’t want to be seen a “rube”.

Such “dirty” jokes lack imagination—they lack the connectivity necessary to bridge disparate concepts. But they have a sort of factory-made structure to them which conforms to the “science” of the joke. And those of us who have trouble with imaginative concepts can likewise “manufacture” “creativity”; but it’s not inspired.

Finding Real Inspiration

The key to true inspiration is finding exploitable areas of reality which exist in the humdrum. Primarily, this means following through with generally known advice. One thing authors are constantly told to do for good writing is to “write what they know”.

What does that mean? Well, if you want to write about a safari as an accountant, unless you’re deliberately trying to get it disastrously wrong, it’s best to stick to numerical concepts relating to business law. But if you want to learn how to write about safari, you have to go on a safari.

The key to inspiration is giving your mind stimulus. To be imaginative, you must feed your imagination. Believe it or not, one way to do this is through gambling. As you gamble, you can’t help but spin scenarios of success in your mind should you win big. But this can drag you “into the red” if you don’t have funds for it.1

While this isn’t the only way to stimulate your imagination, it is a good way, and if you source online promo codes and coupons for free, you can “have your cake and eat it too”. One way to do this is to go to, where you can have online casino coupons emailed to you!

Another way to stimulate your imagination is through direct ingestion of substances known to be conducive to thought. According to, OptiMind ingredients offers “…brain-enhancing “nootropic” [ingredients]…purported to grant users a whole array of amazing mental health benefits.”

You Must Have Real Experiences
Still, the only way you can have any kind of thoughts worth repeating in an imaginative sense is to have some kind of experience, and create—whether in a musical, artistic, craft-related, or other sense—based on that experience. You can’t be imaginative in a vacuum no matter how many top-tier substances you ingest.

So gamble on a new experience, and help your brain prepare for it by eating substances known to be mentally conducive. Get into a habit of this, and your imagination will stay moving regardless of the time of day.

You’ll be able to get to sleep, or even be most creative during the night—or any time. Really, this represents a positive lifestyle change that can fundamentally transform you and those around you in a good way.

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