Dangers You Must Protect Your Employees From

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Employees are important. They keep your business operational. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that you need to protect them. Rest assured you can push this responsibility to other people. But it is far better to keep it safely in your hands. Employees that have experienced poor working conditions can create issues down the line. The best way to deal with these issues to never let them arise in the first place. They are all very easy to prevent.


You do not want to leave your company open for any lawsuit involving harassment. It can be a death sentence if your business is just starting out. You need to respect your employees and make sure they respect their work colleagues. You must keep an eye out for any sign of bullying or anyone voicing prejudicial views. Even jokes around the water tank can be problematic. They may seem like they had no effect. But when one of your employees gets home they may find they were offended. The best way to prevent these kind of issues is to initiate a “No Tolerance” policy. If anyone is caught bullying  their co workers there will be certain, severe consequences.

Unsafe Environments

An owner of a business is at risk of premises liability claims. This means that if anything happens in your property to anyone you are legally responsible. You need to think about this when you are choosing offices to rent or buy. Look at the building carefully. How old is it? Could it have Asbestos hiding between the walls. If you come into contact with Asbestos it can cause cancer. There are law firms like Shrader & Associates. They deal specifically in claims against former employers. You do not want to join that list. Be careful and be thorough.

Remember, even if you are renting a building you will still be held accountable under premises liability. If you were unaware of a danger and it is ruled that you should have known about it you will still have to pay.


Extra precaution is a phrase that is underrated. There is no such thing as too many safety measures. You need to ensure your employees know just how important it is to keep health and safety standards first. For instance, if there is a spill on the ground someone should stop what they are doing and clean it up immediately. They should in no way think it is someone else’s job. The first person on the scene needs to know they are responsible. You should be checking for obvious signs the environment is not safe every day. For example, there is no excuse for leaving wiring out in the open for someone to trip over. Do a quick check of the offices before you start work.

Being the boss is fantastic but it does make you the boss. That means you are responsible when things go wrong. Do yourself and them a favour. Use foresight instead of hindsight. Do risk the chance of accidents becoming lawsuits.





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