Creating A Dynamic HQ For Your Business: 6 Steps

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Once your business starts to make some real money, it is time to up your game. You need a dynamic HQ (headquarters) for your business where you can centralise your work and invite clients. The office space doesn’t just need to look impressive; it needs to be functional. The HQ is where your highest members of staff will work, alongside you. Creating a place that helps people to be more productive and has a professional atmosphere is essential.


When you invest in your HQ, you are moving up the business ladder. No longer will you be a start-up or a mere pipe-dream. Your headquarters proves just how far your business has come and tells people that you have made your company a success. If you are ready to take the next step with your business, here is how to plan a dynamic HQ.


Step One: Find Your Office Space


Finding your office space is a difficult feat. There are no clear rules on where you should have your HQ. Perhaps you want to choose an area in which the property is cheap, so that you can get more space for your money. Another option is to base your headquarters near to your most loyal clients. Make sure that you explore all the office options available to you before taking the plunge.


Step Two: Invest In Some Sleek Signage


The signage you choose for your HQ is vital in making the right impression. You should have already decided upon the right logo, which conveys your companies message. Now, you need to get that logo made into a professional sign, which will welcome people to your office. Don’t scrimp on your signage, as your business could end up looking cheap and tacky if you do. The main sign is the first thing that people will see when entering your office, so make sure it is impressive and large. Look into business signage companies, such as Encore Image, which can help you create the right look.


Step Three: Consider An Open-Plan Environment


Open plan offices are at the height of contemporary office design. Being able to see and communicate with your staff at any given moment is fantastic. Many people believe that open plan offices are distracting, when in fact they are the opposite. Employees can see their colleagues working hard and so feel that they should do the same. Having an office of this nature will make your headquarters look bigger and feel more modern.


Step Four: Create The Ideal Meeting Room


If you are a successful business owner, then you will already know the importance of meetings. Constant communication is the key to a fluid workforce. Within your headquarters, you should ensure that you create a functional meeting room. Most meeting rooms are dull and boring. A single round table with a few chairs just won’t cut it. A meeting is your chance to think outside the box and create new, exciting ideas. Make your meeting room a place where you and your staff can feel comfortable. Furnish the room with beanbags or armchairs, so that when you are thinking up new ideas, you can relax.


Step Five: Make Your HQ Creative
Your HQ is the central hub from which your business functions. It does not have to look like a 1980’s school. Instead, create a modern atmosphere in your workspace. Invest in walls that colleagues can draw out ideas on and ‘think pods’ where your staff can take a moment to mull over ideas. Some of the most creative workspaces include the Pixar office and of course, the Apple office. Take a look at some famous office spaces for inspiration.

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