Cleanliness of public restrooms is a serious business – Add the right bathroom fixtures

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When it comes to public restrooms, the stakes are always high. A restroom which is poorly maintained is not only bad for your business but it can even have an adverse impact on everyone who is using it. There are some microorganisms like Salmonella, Norovirus and E.coli which are found in restrooms that are not properly maintained. A dirty restroom will increase chances of the user leaving with some kind of illness and decreases the chance of him returning to your business ever again. As per a consumer survey, it has been seen that two-thirds of customers don’t take resort of businesses which have dirty restrooms.

Dirty restrooms – Recipe for bad impressions and sick guests

Yes, if you don’t want to tarnish the image of your company and spoil its reputation, make sure your restrooms are clean enough. But how would you go about keeping up with clean restrooms?

Cleaning public restrooms is one of the most vital and difficult jobs in the janitorial industry. Due to their high-traffic use and function, public restrooms are vulnerable to accumulating lot of germ and bacteria which causes odor. Try the below mentioned tips to clean your public restroom and also know about some products for commercial washrooms in UK.

  • Pre-clean the surfaces of the restroom to remove any bodily soils like vomit or urine
  • Utilize a product which is registered by EPA to disinfect the floor surfaces and kill odor-causing bacteria
  • Select those disinfectants which are highly effective against serious germs like MRSA, VRE so that it reduces the chance of an outbreak.
  • Choose the products which have active ingredients like hydrogen peroxide to remove odors and stains by breaking down the uric acid crystals.
  • Don’t forget to clean the floors as they are best places for germs to reside. Hence, you should always take the best step forward to clean your bathroom floor.

Commercial bathroom products

If you’re eager to know about some of the best bathroom fixtures for decorating your commercial restroom, here are some fittings that you must look forward to.

  • Paper towel dispensers: People who use the public restrooms always need to dry off or wipe their wet hands and for that it is important for you to install a paper towel dispenser which gives off as many paper towels as you may want. But you should always say ‘No’ to wastage.
  • Soap dispensers: Who would keep a bar of soap in commercial bathrooms? That would require you to change it frequently. Hence it is best to keep wall mounted soap dispensers which can control the soap amount that the users take.
  • Hand dryers: Nowadays, most commercial building owners are opting for electric hand dryers with sensors which can send off a gust of hot air for you to dry off your hands in less than 10 seconds. You don’t even require touching it as it works on sensors.
  • Toilet roll dispensers: Apart from paper towel, you may also need toilet rolls to wipe off dirt of any kind. Install a toilet roll dispenser to get toilet rolls whenever you need it.

Therefore, if you wish to build a public restroom to impress your guests, make sure you add the above mentioned bathroom fixtures and always keep it clean and tidy.

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