Blogging is Non-Negotiable – Why Static Websites Can No Longer Cut It for Small Local Businesses

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If you are a business owner, you may have resisted getting on board the blogging band wagon thus far. For some businesses, especially small, locally focused ones, having a static website with your contact details and a description or your services may well have seemed like all you needed to bring in leads and new business for the web. If you weren’t in a technology related industry, for example running a hair salon, restaurant, plumbing business, or independent retail shop, getting into blogging may have seemed like an unnecessary step and a use of marketing efforts and budget that could have been put to better use elsewhere.


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Why the Last Wave of Adopters Are Now Seeing the Advantages of a Blog

As 2015 draws to a close, it is becoming clear that the last wave of businesses who haven’t yet started using blogging as a means of gaining new leads, new business, and brand awareness are starting to convert themselves into bloggers. The benefits have simply become too powerful to ignore, and the competition for local search results page real estate has just got much fiercer thanks to Google changing the way they display local results so that only three, instead of the previous seven, businesses are displayed in the ‘local pack’ area that most people choose the business they will contact from. To gain and keep a spot in the top three, you need to be doing well in SEO terms, and that generally means you need to have very good content on your website in good quantities – something that is difficult to achieve with a static site.

What Makes Blogging So Good For Businesses?

There are lots of reasons why blogging will help your business, above and beyond the one mentioned above regarding the Google local pack. Blogging gives you an opportunity to create content about more than just the bare bones of what you offer, which wouldn’t make sense on a static site contextually. This means you can create interesting posts that are sharable on social media, giving you a means to really harness the power of Twitter and Facebook to increase brand visibility and get more people on your site.

What Could You Write?

If you have a static site for your restaurant you can’t really post interesting stuff like recipes or the background of different dishes or recipes without it looking odd, but on a blog you can, and this content is great for bringing new people to your site. Likewise, your beauty salon can, on its blog, talk about everything from makeup tips to celebrity style, and win you more views. Anything interesting to your target audience is good to write about, even if it doesn’t directly talk about your services or products.

If you haven’t done it yet, starting a blog is easy, and offers some great rewards. Why not get yours going now and start seeing the benefits as we go into 2016?

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