Benefits of Phone Systems for Small Businesses

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No matter what your small business does, voice communication is most likely a fundamental element towards your success. Your employees need a secure way to communicate with customers, clients and each other. Installing a dedicated telephone system in your business can provide a number of important competitive advantages for your firm.

Phone systems are capable of far more than simply handling calls. When connected to a telephony system on an IP network your small business has access to the same tools as a global enterprise, yet many office phone systems are built to meet the needs and budgets of a small business.

Advanced small office phones on an IP network can allow you to offer better customer service, improved collaboration, boosted efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and an overall competitive advantage. Below are just a few of the benefits adding business telephone systems can provide for your business.

Improved customer contact

Modern small business telephone systems will allow you to offer your customers a variety of ways to contact you such as phone, fax, email, and click to chat. When someone contacts your business they want to be in touch with the right person straight away. A dedicated telecom system allows you to direct users to the correct phone as soon as the call is placed. Through call routing customers can be directed to the suitable phone mid call to ensure their needs are met quickly. Additionally you’re able to give options such as press 1 for customer services, press 2 for billing etc. allowing them to choose a department when placing the call.

Enhanced mobility

Advanced office phones, especially wireless IP phones, provide access to your data and phone network from anywhere there’s a broadband internet connection. This allows you to be in contact with your customers or co-workers no matter where you are.

Improved collaboration

Adding advanced telecom systems to your IP network gives you the tools necessary to conduct video, phone and web conferencing through a single easy-to-use interface.

Reduced costs and improved productivity

A combined voice and data network simplifies installation and management helping to reduce costs. Unified messaging reduces the time spent managing messages and voice/web conferencing allows you to enhance productivity whilst reducing travel costs.

Increased Efficiency through Shared Resources

Sharing a dedicated voice resource ensures productivity is as high as possible whilst still being accessible from anywhere. Simply being able to transfer an in-progress call from one phone to another ensures that business runs smoothly and saves valuable time. This is also much more efficient than having a colleague from the other side of the office move desks to answer a simple phone call.

Ready for Expansion

Once the initial system is in place, adding additional lines, and features is very simple. Once the system is in place, it’s easy to scale it up as your company grows. Starting with a small dedicated phone system that fulfils your needs helps to control costs during the start-up phase. As your business grows you can move on to a larger system that has the ability to support additional employees and newer features.

Lower Costs

Changing from individual phones and numbers to an integrated telephone system will cut your costs along with simplifying telephone invoices. A modern telephone system will also make it easier to review your monthly charges and identify any unwanted calls, such as personal calls on company time

When your business installs its own telephone system you stand to gain access to valuable extras, making it easier to manage and keep track of important business, meetings and clients. Modern telephone systems include an array of impressive features that will undoubtedly benefit your company in a number of ways. Enhanced efficiency, productivity, collaboration, mobility and customer satisfaction along with lowering overall costs makes modern phone systems an important part of any small business.



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