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Having an Experienced Commercial Litigator By Your Side is Always Important Whether You are the Party Bringing or Defending a Lawsuit

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Regardless of the industry a company may be in, there are some things that most business owners commonly fear. One worry that frequently keeps them up at night is the fear of being sued. To avoid a lawsuit, most take steps to lower their risk of being held liable. For example, most businesses try to remove obvious hazards ...

What You Need To Know About Ending a Timeshare

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A timeshare is an agreement to share the costs and use of a condo or cabin with other parties. Timeshare facilities afford you more than a place to sleep, they come completely furnished with full kitchens, indoor or outdoor pools, and resort amenities like restaurants and night clubs. If you bought a timeshare but feel ...

uSwitch and Andrew Salmon

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uSwitch and Andrew Salmon: a success story When internet start-up uSwitch was sold to US media corporation EW Scripps in 2006, it represented a major success for all of those working at the company, and particularly for the company’s CEO at the time, Andrew Salmon. Under Andrew Salmon’s leadership, in the space of just six years, ...

Day Trading WIth Great Interactive Brokers

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The world of day trading is an intense and crazy environment. But within that craziness is opportunity. The opportunity to escape the corporate world and cubicle prison that most worker bees have ensconced themselves in and convinced themselves that defines safety and security. But with the right attitude, educational tools and interactive brokers, you can ...

Making the Most out of your Work Compensation

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Your worker’s compensation plan is put in place to make sure that you are never exploited with regards to the possibility of you sustaining an injury on site. While most worker’s compensation schemes are indeed comprehensive and will take care of you nicely, you need to ensure that you know exactly what to do to ...

The Five Best Careers in Gaming Right Now

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When you were just a kid addicted to your Playstation or PC games, it probably never crossed your mind that gaming would one day be something out of which you could realistically make a living. Afterall, if you knew about the vast number of job opportunities the industry would some day offer, you might have ...

Getting Out Of A Timeshare

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When you enter into a timeshare, you might think that there will be no way to get out of the agreement in the future if you decide that you no longer want the responsibility. This isn't the case, but you might need to consult with an attorney or office like American Settlement Services. Before trying ...

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