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The Importance Of Being Quirky

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There are a thousand challenges that come with being a small business, and we've discussed most of them on this website before. In the advice that you'll have seen in the past - both from here and from elsewhere - you'll have been told about all the predictable pitfalls of business, what to do and ...

Your Financial Services Firm’s Marketing Plan Should Include These 6 Business Directory Sites

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The Internet has dozens of high-visibility business directory sites for small firms and enterprises alike. Not all are suitable for independent financial services companies, but these six should absolutely factor into your marketing plan. Here’s what you need to know about each and what you should do to get the most value for your listings. ...

Wi-Fi: Modern Freedom to Roam

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Some people may consider Wi-Fi advanced for them and others probably take Wi-Fi slightly for granted. The truth is, home Wi-Fi has been around since 1991 and was even created before then. Wi-Fi has opened up the world so much since it has been improved. Many people have the luxury of working remotely in foreign ...

Can experiential retail help encourage older shoppers?

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In the internet-obsessed 21st century, high street stores rely on one key demographic: senior citizens. But with an increasingly tech-savvy ageing population, the alluring appeal of experiential marketing could be the only way retailers can ensure steady foot traffic from older customers. “Goodbye, street” to the high street?   In the media, high street retail is constantly pitted ...

7 Corporate Gifts That Will Wow Your Employees

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It has been said before---a company is nothing without its employees. No matter what your corporate workspace consists of, be it a small coworking space or a multi-tiered, international company filled with employees from around the globe, showing your appreciation during the holiday season is important. You want to show you see them and you ...

A Guide To Coworking Spaces In NZ

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Coworking in New Zealand has transformed itself from being a trend to being a staple in the business community. In fact, since these offices have opened up years ago, the city is beginning to see coworking branch out in the variations of the popular work platform. In the beginning, coworking housed mostly the fledgeling start-up, ...

Going Solo? These Are The Stablest Freelance Careers

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More British workers than ever are going freelance, with around 15% of the working population classing themselves as self-employed, including around 2 million freelancers. Considering the benefits this type of employment offers, from having autonomy over which jobs you pick up, the ability to be your own boss, and flexible working hours, it’s clearly an ...

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