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Don’t Dread The Night – Get Going With These Tips

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Stimulate Your Imagination Here’s the thing about imagination: you can’t force it. Well, you can, but at the same time you can’t. That certainly sounds dichotomous; here’s how it breaks down: your mind is going to always think things, and it will always go in strange directions. Your imagination is always working, so you don’t have ...

5 Pillars of Smart Business Planning

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Business is tough. And especially if you're an owner, a manager, or someone who is trying to get something new off of the ground, there are an exceptional number of hurdles that you have to jump over. Success rates are pretty slim in the long run for new ideas or concepts, so you want to ...

Why boarding up your vacant property is security suicide

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Boarding up doesn’t work. It’s ugly, ineffective and can actually harm the local community. That’s the opinion of Oaksure, a company that specialises in vacant property security. They warn that “Boarding up a property is expensive, causes damage and leaves a building vacant and vulnerable to a range of security threats.”   But boarding up windows isn’t ...

How to Trade Gold in Forex

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Understanding correlations will help traders to look at two seemingly different markets or assets and observe how the market price fluctuates relative to each other. This will allow traders to develop opinions on markets that they may not have followed in the past. One market that attracts many traders is gold. However, it is not ...

3 Tips For Leasing A New Company Car

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Having a company car can be a great way to always ensure your employees have a means to get around during work hours and for work purposes. Especially if you plan to take any clients or customers in your work vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that they’re comfortable and that you’re showing them a classy ...

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