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Five Ways To Boost Sales For Your Business

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When you have a service or product company, your main focus should always be on sales. All businesses in this field look forward to increasing their sales the best they can. And, as a business owner, you need results! These can be achieved mainly through campaigns and use of SEO. If you are looking to ...

The Best Cartoonists in the World

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The most creative people are those artists who express their thoughts through cartoons, while criticising different issues of their societies at the same time. It is not impossible for us to portray our opinions in various ways but the way cartoonists do it, is simply stunning. As a matter of fact, some cartoonists exploit the ...

Second passports: Why business owners should invest in citizenship

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The investment immigration market has grown rapidly over the last few years. The increasing number of countries offering these programmes and instability in other regions means a second passport can offer the freedom of movement and quality of life that high net individuals seek.   Citizenship by investment is the process where a significant monetary contribution into ...

Rid Yourself of Email Spam

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No matter if you just opened a fairly new email account or if you have had the same one for over a decade, you probably receive your fair share of spam. Some of the spam is pretty harmless with companies asking you to buy certain products from them. But other spam emails can be quite ...

Mind the Gap – Closing Talent Gaps in Healthcare Big Data Analytics

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Big data is a large part of the global business landscape and healthcare is no exception. However, the combination of data and the end-user requires a particular talent, particularly in the healthcare industry in which sensitive data and the human element requires someone who not only understands data but who can also work with clinicians. Healthcare ...

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