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Can small businesses survive changes to business rates appeals?

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As the first business rates revaluation since 2010, the coming changes on 1st April 2017 are set to be the most redistributive of the last generation. Businesses across London, both large and small, are expecting particularly significant increases for the next five year period.   On top of that, according to the latest research from business rates ...

London’s small business are hit hardest by crime. It’s vital they reduce their vulnerability

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According to official statistics on crimes against businesses, there were 5.5 million estimated incidents between 2012 and 2014, with 37% of commercial premises reporting criminal damage. Commonly, business premises based in London record the highest rates of business crime. This crime affects all businesses, but not all can easily absorb the costs—it’s often smaller firms that ...

Business in the clouds

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Some of us may have hesitated at first, but the benefits of taking to the cloud have been fully realised by many of today’s small-business owners; from tech startups in the heart of Silicon Valley to London’s urban pop-ups. Building a native information technology infrastructure can be incredibly complex and expensive for new and growing businesses. ...

4 top fields for operations management

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OPPORTUNITIES TO CONSIDER FOR OPERATIONS MANAGER You know that you're interested in a career in operations management, but where should you work? You have nearly limitless opportunities, but some fields offer more potential than others. If you're looking for fresh possibilities, consider working in the hospitality, retail, or health care industries. Hotel Operations Manager Hotels need operations managers ...

Tips For Starting Your First Business

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There can be a lot of excitement surrounding starting your very first business.  Along with the excitement, however, comes a slew of pressure to succeed and live up to the expectations that you have created for yourself. Sometimes it can be a lot of information to take in as people from all sides seem to want ...

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