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How Gyms Can Prepare for the Summer Health and Fitness Drive

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Now that summer is right around the corner, our determination to achieve our fitness goals will inevitably increase. For gym owners, this provides the perfect opportunity for targeting those potential clients who are looking to break their hibernation to increase the business’ growth potential, stay competitive and, most importantly, achieve profit maximisation. However, considering there are ...

uSwitch, the internet success story started by George Mountbatten

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In September 2000, George Mountbatten founded uSwitch. The company started as a service allowing consumers to compare prices and switch energy providers, after the deregulation of the consumer energy market in the U.K. Today, is one of the leading price comparison and switching services in the UK. It offers an impartial online and telephone-based ...

Animation or Live action: Which makes the best corporate video?

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Whether you are promoting your business, training new staff, reporting back to stakeholders, or giving a conference presentation, nothing gets your point across like an engaging corporate video. Using video to stimulate both the auditory and the visual senses you can increase conversion by anywhere from 64 to 85%. Whether produced in-house, or outsourced to an ...

Should you choose Edinburgh or Glasgow when moving your business to Scotland?

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Scotland is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in Britain for business and start-ups. If you’re just starting your business or expanding north of the border, the Scottish Enterprise initiative offers support to companies based in or relocating to offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. But there’s been a long battle for business supremacy between ...

Don’t Dread The Night – Get Going With These Tips

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Stimulate Your Imagination Here’s the thing about imagination: you can’t force it. Well, you can, but at the same time you can’t. That certainly sounds dichotomous; here’s how it breaks down: your mind is going to always think things, and it will always go in strange directions. Your imagination is always working, so you don’t have ...

Why boarding up your vacant property is security suicide

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Boarding up doesn’t work. It’s ugly, ineffective and can actually harm the local community. That’s the opinion of Oaksure, a company that specialises in vacant property security. They warn that “Boarding up a property is expensive, causes damage and leaves a building vacant and vulnerable to a range of security threats.”   But boarding up windows isn’t ...

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